‘Yellowstone’ Star Kevin Costner Hilariously Recalled a Time His Daughter Roasted Him

by Thad Mitchell

Among the top leading man in all of Hollywood, Kevin Costner, star of Paramount Network’s “Yellowstone,” has his share of critics.

The “Yellowstone” star didn’t expect his own young daughter to be among those critics. In a 2015 interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Costner shares a story on his daughter’s harsh, yet funny criticism. Now 66-years-old, Costner has seven children that range greatly in age. It is his youngest daughter, Grace, now 11-years-old, who questions her famous father’s fitness level in a movie he stars in. 2014 film “Black or White” drew the hilarious reaction from the young Costner. When Kimmel asks Costner if his kids know what he does for a living, the “Yellowstone” lead provides an insightful and humorous answer.

“I was watching ‘Black or White’ and there is a moment where I am coming out of a pool,” he says. “I was studying and didn’t really want her in the room, but she came in and sat next to me. Didn’t really feel her because I was really concentrating. So I get pulled out of the pool and I look over at her and she says ‘Daddy you got a fat belly.’ So I look at her and she says ‘yeah — you got a big belly.'”

As funny as the story already is, it gets even more hilarious as Costner says he attempted to educate his youngest child on filmmaking.

“I tried to explain character development to her,” he says fighting back laughter. “That I was going to be a grandpa.”

With “Yellowstone” currently on an extended hiatus, Costner is hopefully getting to spend some quality time with his family. Perhaps he can explain to young grace why it is necessary to add weight for some movie roles.

‘Yellowstone’ Will Return Later This Year

“Yellowstone” fans were elated to learn that Kevin Costner and the all-star cast will be returning later this year. There isn’t an exact date but show creators say it will return at some point in the fall season. Fans were optimistic that season four would start sooner but are not happy to have a timeframe in place.

There is a lot of mystery surrounding the upcoming new season of “Yellowstone. As many as four primary characters could be dead or alive and that includes Costner’s character, John Dutton.

John Dutton owns Yellowstone Ranch, one of the largest cattle ranches in the northwest. Season three ended on quite the cliffhanger as John and his family are attacked by an unknown assailant. John is shot several times in the chest as he tries to help a stranded family. Most “Yellowstone” fans believe he survives the attack due to a well-placed cell phone in his shirt pocket.

We will have to wait and see what happens to John Dutton and his family — but answers are coming soon.