‘Yellowstone’ Star Kevin Costner Said He Doesn’t Let Hollywood Trends ‘Inform’ Him

by Jon D. B.

In 2014,  ‘Yellowstone’s Kevin Costner played a huge part in the resurgence of Superman as Clark Kent’s father, Jonathan Kent, for ‘Man of Steel’. As part of the Zack Snyder film’s press run, the future ‘Yellowstone’ star gave a unique, down-to-earth interview with HuffPost.

Costner touches on several fascinating highlights via his career within: from ‘Waterworld’s failure, to making his first $1 million, to sticking to his guns throughout it all.

As it turns out, Costner’s strong approach to Hollywood filmmaking – and his resulting decades-long success – is far from accidental. For the icon, starring, producing, and directing some of the biggest Oscar-winning films of all time like ‘Dances With Wolves‘ instilled a true Outsider backbone within him. In short: Kevin Costner doesn’t play by Hollywood’s most trite rules.

“To be sure about things, the town works in a way that perception is a really important thing in Hollywood,” Costner broached the subject with HuffPost. “It’s never informed me. For instance, if I thought an actor was really good and he was either out of favor or didn’t seem to be box office, or whatever, that wouldn’t faze me at all.”

For the future ‘Yellowstone’ star, he says he’s never let this sort of thing “affect” him. It’s too dangerous to the creative process. And when you’re Kevin f***ing Costner, you can make those calls, too.

‘Yellowstone’s Kevin Costner on the Creative Process in Hollywood

“Now, I do think that other people do feel that way,” he continues of other more cautious types in the 2014 interview. His own staunch dedication to “what’s best” for the creative process, however, has led Costner to cast who he wants to cast, regardless of Hollywood bias.

“If I wanted somebody to be my lead because he was the very best person for it, I wouldn’t give a sh*t about what his box office was,” he adds. “Because the story is still the thing and who fills those shoes is really important.”

Well said, Mr. Costner. Couldn’t agree more.

Of course, having a solid four decades of household-name status under your belt, well before ‘Yellowstone,’ even, helps. But at the time of this interview, and for multiple pockets of Kevin Costner’s career, he wasn’t exactly on the top of Hollywood himself.

Zack Snyder, however, was – and his turn with ‘Man of Steel’ was widely accepted as a fresh, unique new spin on the Superman story. For Costner, Snyder’s similar dedication to personal creative vision is exactly what brought him onboard.

“I was very sure that [Director] Zack [Snyder] would make something really original,” he says of joining the project. “I really felt that he wouldn’t be making another version… He would be making something that stood on its own.”

All in all, Costner wanted the project “to be original,” and he “wanted it to stand alone.” These are the types of projects, the icon says, “you want to try to be a part of.”

Kevin Costner and his dedication to “truth of story” will return for ‘Yellowstone’ Season 4 come Summer 2021.