‘Yellowstone’s Kevin Costner Kicks Off NFL Sunday With Epic Video: WATCH

by Sean Griffin
(Photo by Dave J Hogan/Getty Images for Paramount+)

Chances are, when you think of Kevin Costner and the National Football League, your first thought may be the 2014 sports drama film Draft Day starring Costner and Jennifer Garner. However, today, Costner made another connection with NFL fans as he led a voiceover during a Yellowstone-NFL crossover promotional.

Throughout the video, which can be seen below, Costner narrates as scenes from the upcoming season are stitched together with scenes from this year’s exciting action in the National Football League. Moreover, Costner’s narration makes direct comparisons between the game of football and the “game” the characters in the series play with each other.

“NFL Week 9,” Costner first says in the introduction. “Time to show the world who you are. And what you can do.”

Costner makes another comparison between the show’s theme of territorial disputes and making it in a chaotic environment.

“This game’s about survival and protecting your turf.”

Again, Costner makes a comparison between the Dutton’s empire and the teams on the field. “Everyone is coming for what you’ve built.”

Images cut between the Duttons and then to teammates as Costner says: “Your only allies are the family right beside you.”

Costner ends his narration by comparing the new week of NFL football with the new season of Yellowstone. “Dig in, be ready. Because this game, this game is just getting started.”

Yellowstone will return next Sunday, November 13th at 8 p.m. ET on Paramount.

Kevin Costner Celebrates Yellowstone National Park’s 150th Anniversary Ahead of New Miniseries

Kevin Costner will host and narrate Fox Nation’s new miniseries “Yellowstone: One-Fifty,” which celebrates America’s first National Park. The series will stream on Fox Nation starting on Nov. 20. Each episode last an hour. The series features four episodes.

In the miniseries, Costner goes to Yellowstone National Park to examine whether it’s as wild as it was 150 years ago. He ventures back in time through research to discover the origins of the park’s protection and preservation.

Costner will retrace the steps of the Hayden expedition as it first traveled into what eventually became Yellowstone. Ferdinand Vandeveer Hayden was a geologist who took expeditions into Wyoming in 1871 and 1872. He brought back crucial geological data. He also mapped the area. The four-part miniseries will travel in Hayden’s footsteps and see Yellowstone through his eyes.

In some cases, Coster will brave 15 feet of snow and temperatures at negative 40 degrees to get to the heart of Yellowstone National Park. He will experience the park’s harshest winter conditions before experiencing the “rebirth” of spring.

“The reality is that America’s so big and Yellowstone reminds you of what the country might have looked like before there was any outsiders that ever came,” says Costner in the series. “And to know that the river’s still flowing, these mountains still stand, I never tire of looking at them and the great open spaces appealed to me. And mountains that look like they would be impossible to travel through, they never fail to take my breath away.”