‘Yellowstone’ Star Kevin Costner ‘Looking Forward’ to Making Live Music Festival Return with His Band Modern West

by Thad Mitchell

A man of many talents, Yellowstone star actor Kevin Costner is looking to get the band back together for live music.

Costner is one of the busiest men in Hollywood with filming for the upcoming season of Yellowstone having wrapped up a short while ago. He has a new project in the works with “National Parks,” and the show just got a green light from the ABC Network. He is also a leading film actor and could always land a starring gig in an upcoming movie project. But Costner has caught a break from all the action recently and is looking to get “Modern West” up and going again.

Costner took to social media to announce Modern West would be taking the stage on Friday night. He and the band will be playing at the Outlaws and Legends Festival in Abilene, Texas. It is safe to say that Costner is looking forward to taking the lighted stage with guitar in hand.

“Hey Everybody!” he says in the post. “Myself and the band are looking forward to playing for you Friday night at the Outlaws and Legends Festival.”

Kevin Costner and Modern West Taking the Stage on Friday

With the COVID-19 pandemic a lingering threat, Costner goes out of his way to tell fans that extra safety precautions will be taken by event staff to limit the spread of the coronavirus. He says the venue will provide plenty of room for social distancing and attendees will be given complimentary masks upon entering.

“We look forward to a great night with everyone being safe and healthy!” he says.

Many Yellowstone fans are anxious to see what lies in store of Kevin Costner’s character on the show, John Dutton. The owner of Yellowstone Ranch was shot in the chest several times as the third season was ending. It appears a cell phone tucked in his shirt pocket may have saved his life but isn’t a given.

In addition to being one of Hollywood’s top leading men, Costner has long dabbled in music with Modern West. The band was founded by Costner in 2007 and has found some success in the world of country-rock/Americana music. He’s unable to dedicate himself to the band full time. However, Costner has gone on a worldwide tour with Modern West. The band has put out four studio albums and played at several large venues, including Daytona International Speedway.

With the new season of Yellowstone drawing near, fans of the show will certainly see more of Kevin Costner soon. And for those that can make the festival, as soon as tomorrow night.