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‘Yellowstone’ Star Kevin Costner and His Band Modern West Announce ‘Tales From Yellowstone’ Concert Tour

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Daniel Knighton/Getty Images

If Kevin Costner has proved anything over the last 40 years in the acting world, it’s that he knows how to keep busy.

Since 2018, he has starred as John Dutton on the TV series “Yellowstone.” Now, fans are eagerly waiting for season four, especially after getting a look into the action from a special sneak peek trailer recently released. Now that he is done filming for the show, Costner decided to embark on an entirely different adventure for the rest of the summer.

Kevin Costner is the singer of the country-rock band Kevin Costner & Modern West. The group has been active since 2007 and released its first album, “Untold Truths,” in 2008.

Now, the group announced a concert tour that will feature music from, “Tales from Yellowstone.” The timing of the concert tour and season four of “Yellowstone” work out pretty well. Costner co-wrote the album from the perspective of his character, John Dutton. Songs from the album also appear in the third season of the popular series.

The band’s official Instagram account announced the news with the caption, “Big news…we’re hitting the road! The band and I are so excited to be playing the #TalesFromYellowstone album live.”

The post includes some of the stops on the 2021 tour. The first appears to be on August 24 in Ardmore, Oklahoma. The last will be on September 9 in Decatur, Illinois. Kevin Costner & Modern West will also be in Missouri, Texas, Nebraska, and Minnesota. The ticket prices for the show will vary.

The tour isn’t incredibly long. It’s just nine days that will stretch from late August to Labor Day weekend.

According to WAND 17, Costner is playing at the Devon Lakeshore Amphitheater on September 4. General admission lawn tickets are $39, not including taxes, fees, and parking. General admission terrace tickets are $59. If you want a reserved seat, that will cost $79.

The band will also play at the Minnesota and Nebraska state fairs during the tour.

‘Tales from Yellowstone’ Kevin Costner Album

“Tales from Yellowstone” is a 16-track album inspired by the series. However, it isn’t all centralized on the Dutton ranch drama.

Costner also tapped into some of the feelings and experiences he had while filming the popular show.

“It’s really a concept record. Sometimes there are songs that aren’t really necessarily about John Dutton. I have my own muse when I’m away from home, for when I’m making a movie, and there are songs that kind of blend in and also complement what’s happening,” Costner said to American Songwriter in 2020.

One of the most powerful tracks on the album is “Won’t Stop Loving You.” It is about the loss of Dutton’s wife in the TV series.

“When you share the land with your partner, every place you ever go, you see her on it. He’s a man going forward, but you never forget that moment; it’s immovable. I didn’t have to look any further than my own life to find what was the strength of it for me,” Costner also said.

All in all, the album is an excellent expression of “Yellowstone.” It also connects Kevin Costner’s role as an actor with his role as an aspiring musician.