‘Yellowstone’ Star Kevin Costner Is Officially Starting to Get Fans Pumped for Season 5

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo via Paramount Press Center)

With nearly two weeks until the premiere of Yellowstone’s fifth season, Kevin Costner is officially starting to get fans pumped up for the event. 

On Thursday (October 27th), Kevin Costner took to his social media accounts to share a promotional ad for Yellowstone’s upcoming season. “Let’s go,” he captioned the post and used a cowboy emoji. 

After Kevin Costner posted the Yellowstone promo, fans of the show took to the post to share their excitement. “Can. Not. Wait,” one fan declared. “Counting the days and got Yellowstone Bourbon to drink during the premiere!!!!!  This show and cast are the BOMB!!!!” Another fan added

Other fans also said that they were dropping everything to watch Kevin Costner during the Yellowstone premiere. “My father has canceled hunting that weekend in preparation for this,” a Twitter user noted

Kevin Costner previously discussed helping to “spark” Yellowstone’s sequels and prequels. “I have a special pride in understanding what we launched,” he explained to Coming Soon. “And how we continue to do it. In America, if something works, you just figure out how to keep making that same idea, work, and work, and work. And you do that. You just ring it out until it won’t give anymore. And certainly, they’re trying to do it in an intelligent way, but the original Yellowstone has spawned all these.” 

Kevin Costner Reflects on His Decision to Sign On For ‘Yellowstone’ 

Along with discussing Yellowstone and its popularity, Kevin Costner opened up about what drew him to the role originally. 

“I have reservations about making certain movies,” Costner stated. “And when those become so pronounced, I say no. So I have to make up my mind that when this came along, I understood where they were trying to go.” 

Kevin Costner noted that he needed to “feel” the key mission behind Yellowstone in order to be interested and able to help make the audience enjoy the show. “So I had to kind of make a fundamental decision about that. I came to the conclusion, ‘Yeah, I think that people will really enjoy this.’”

However, Kevin Costner had no expectation of what Yellowstone could turn out to be. “I didn’t predict that it would be a runaway success, but I’m not surprised at all that people do like it to the degree that they have liked it. I think that I couldn’t have predicted that exactly.”

Costner stars alongside Kelly Reilly, Cole Hauser, Luke Grimes, and Kelsey Absille on Yellowstone. The hit TV series is set to return for its fifth season on November 13th.