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‘Yellowstone’ Star Kevin Costner Once Signed a Baseball For Co-Star’s Girlfriend Because of ‘Field of Dreams’

by Leanne Stahulak
(Photo by Quinn Harris/MLB Photos via Getty Images)

If you love “Field of Dreams” and ran into Kevin Costner, wouldn’t you ask him to sign a baseball for you? That’s what Costner’s “Yellowstone” co-star, Jefferson White, did.

White sat down with Us Weekly earlier and shared a funny story about Kevin Costner, a signed baseball, and a girlfriend. Apparently, White’s girlfriend at the time asked the star to have this baseball signed by Kevin Costner as a gift to her dad.

“Her dad loves ‘Field of Dreams,'” White explained. “So when she knew I was working with Kevin, she was like, ‘Hey, will you get him to sign a baseball for my dad?’ You know, that movie is so meaningful for so many people, I think particularly of that generation.”

He continued, “And I’m very embarrassed about that because I’m supposed to pretend that I’m Kevin Costner’s peer. Like we’re coworkers. I’m supposed to pretend that it’s like me and him are pals, just hanging out at the water cooler. So trying to get him to sign this baseball is a very embarrassing situation.”

Luckily for White, Costner handled the situation with total poise and grace.

“So I walk up, and I’m kinda nervous, and I’ve got this baseball in my hand. He just goes, ‘Hey Jeff, how you doing, kinda nice out here,” White said. “And as we have this whole conversation, he takes the baseball out of my hand, produces a pen from his pocket, signs it, and hands it back without mentioning it once. Never says a word about it.”

We could totally see Kevin Costner handling the signed baseball this way. He doesn’t want to make White uncomfortable but still manages to get him what he wants.

“He was so cool about it. It was amazing,” White concluded. “I was embarrassed to do it, and for him, it was a completely normal thing. He made it so casual and easy and cool. So that was just a sweet Kevin Costner moment.”

White added, “And even in that moment, I was terrified of him, but he took really good care of me.”

No Signed Baseball, But You Can Watch Kevin Costner in ‘Field of Dreams’ on Peacock Now

These interactions between “Yellowstone” co-stars sound absolutely heartwarming. Celebrities are allowed to have their starstruck moments, after all, and it’s no surprise that Jefferson Whtie was starstruck by Costner. His movies, including “Field of Dreams,” are absolutely legendary.

And if you want to watch the iconic baseball film, now’s your chance. You can find it on Peacock, the NBC streaming service, as of April 1. “Yellowstone” Seasons 1-4 also stream on the platform, fulfilling all your Kevin Costner needs. You can also watch two of his other films, “Waterworld” and “For Love of the Game.”

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