‘Yellowstone’ Star Kevin Costner Perfectly Sums Up Importance of Meeting People When Traveling

by Thad Mitchell

When it comes to Hollywood’s best leading men, Yellowstone star Kevin Costner can be found right up at the top.

On Yellowstone, Costner plays the lead character, John Dutton, a gritty but aging cowboy who owns one of Montana’s largest cattle farms. He, along with the rest of the Yellowstone cast, wrapped up filming for the fourth season not long ago.

With his show gearing up or the Season 4 premiere, he finds himself with a little downtime. With a love for traveling, Costner enjoys visiting exotic and exciting places. He also enjoys getting social with the locals of these places he visits. In a recent clip promoting his side business, “HearHere,” Costner talks about his desire to learn more about the places he visits. The Yellowstone star says one of the ways to accomplish this is simply speaking with locals.

“Do you stop to talk to locals when you’re on a road trip?” the Instagram post asks readers. “Co-Founder Kevin Costner does. Find out why HearHere is the perfect jumping-off point for connecting with the people and places you visit on your summer road trip.”

Yellowstone Leading Man Talks Gaining Knowledge

The short video is just over one minute long and features the Yellowstone front man explaining how he gathers knowledge.

“People want to know, and maybe it’s because of fame or whatever, do you ever stop and talk to people about the place you are in,” Costner says. “Of course I do. I only know what I know. The only way I am going to get smarter or evolve more is by the books I read and by the documentaries that I watch and, more importantly, by talking to people.”

With Yellowstone set to return in the near future and filming for the show’s fifth season drawing near, Costner knows now is the time to enjoy his free time. One of the ways he does so is by travel and socializing with the people that call his destination home.

“People love where they live,” he says. “And if you are authentic about asking them about this place — it is surprising how much they know.”

Yellowstone fans are eagerly awaiting Costner’s return to their television set with the fourth season nearly here. While we don’t yet know then the new season will premiere, Yellowstone producers say they expect it to begin in June.