‘Yellowstone’ Star Kevin Costner Rebrands Travel Company from HereHear to Autio

by Suzanne Halliburton

Kevin Costner and his partners are rebranding their unique travel company, switching the name from HearHere to Autio. The company announced that the Yellowstone patriarch wasn’t the only name who would be lending his distinct voice to the service. Joining Costner will be fellow actor John Lithgow. And Phil Jackson, the legendary coach of the Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers, is joining the narration lineup.

Autio: How It Works

  • Download app from App Store
  • Free version gets users 5 stories a month
  • $36 a year is for the unlimited version
  • Set your app locations and then pick your favorite (quirky) places
  • And you can hear a favorite voice telling you key details

In announcing the name change, Autio also reported that it’s expansive audio library had more than 9,000 recorded topics to help travelers in the United States. Travelers use the app in their cars. But these days, they’re also using it while traveling on an airplane.

“Our brand evolution is synonymous with our mission to provide accessible and user-friendly content for all travelers,” said Woody Sears, CEO and Co-Founder at Autio. “Autio is rooted in amplifying diverse and unique stories and our new positioning will not only provide more opportunities to learn about the cultural richness around you but users will also be able to recount first-hand experiences from underrepresented voices through our partnership with The Moth.”

Autio will work with The Moth. That company also will provide writing resources, mentorship and a stage to underserved communities across the country. For each Autio membership purchased, the company will donate $1 to The Moth Community Engagement Program. This program aides the Black Voices Projects and Veterans Voice Project.

Kevin Costner is active with his travel company — he helped rebrand it to Autio (Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

Kevin Costner Always Loved to Read Roadway Plaques, Now an App Will

Costner first heard about HearHere from one of his neighbors. He signed on in August 2020. And Kevin Costner still is part of Autio.

“In joining Autio my primary goal was to shine a light on the history and stories of our nation starting with the creation of the United States and indigenous people,” Kevin Costner said. “Our passion for creating artful narratives about the personal history of our country will continue to be one of our company’s pillars. Autio signifies our continued focus to spark interesting conversation through short anecdotes for listeners on any type of journey.”

In an earlier interview, Kevin Costner talked about HearHere, now Autio, with CNBC.

“I thought this was a really good idea,” said Costner. “I felt it was in the wheelhouse of what I already do in terms of storytelling and my kind of love of history. I’m the guy driving around America … and sees those bronze markers along the way. But I want to stop. I want to read what was there. It’s usually really concisely written, but it’s something of history. And I remember being really thrilled by that, otherwise, you just watch the miles click off … with whoever you’re driving cross country with. And usually, by the time you get cross country, you want to kill them.

“These markers really meant something to me, the history that I would see,” he said. “If you could get in your car and push an app … that would be something that would appeal to me, to understand who the first people who were here. That was fundamental for me to always start with who were the first people. Because there’s no here without knowing who was there, before.”