‘Yellowstone’ Star Kevin Costner Reunites With Morgan Freeman to Produce New Civil War Series

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by Warner Brothers/Getty Images)

Yellowstone’s Kevin Costner is teaming up with fellow Oscar winner Morgan Freeman once again to produce a new Civil War mini-series.

The actors are working with Big Dreams Entertainment’s founder Leslie Greif to bring The Gray House to television. The story follows the real-life tale of three women who General Ulysses S. Grant said helped the North win the Civil War.

In the series, a Richmond Socialite, her formerly enslaved African-American daughter, and a courtesan create the first female spy ring. No one suspects their intelligence and wit. So they are able to successfully operate right under the Confederate High Command.

The women risked their lives and freedom, and they played a major role in reuniting the country.

The Gray House is an untold true story of three amazingly brave abolitionist heroes of the Civil War, who just happened to be women,” Costner said. “Having a passion for history, it’s always personally fulfilling to share richly layered stories about America’s unsung heroes. I’m delighted to join forces with my friends Leslie Greif and Morgan Freeman with whom I’ve had great success to produce this important, epic saga.”

Kevin Costner Will Serve as ‘The Gray House’ Executive Producer

The series is based on an original script by Leslie Greif (The Offer), Darrell Fetty (Hatfields and McCoys), and John Sayles (Lone Star). And Oscar-nominated Roland Joffe (The Killing Fields) has joined as director.

Yellowstone’s Paramount Global Content will distribute The Gray House

“Everyone knows the Civil War, but don’t know the impact that many women had on the outcome,” said Grief. “I’m so thrilled and fortunate that Kevin Costner, Morgan Freeman, and Lori McCreary have put their passion, clout, and heart into getting this miniseries greenlit. 

Kevin Coster will both star in and executive produce the show. It will be his first time working with Freeman since 1991’s Robinhood King of Thieves.

Costner’s Territory Pictures and Morgan Freeman’s Revelations Entertainment are also helping to bring the tale to the screen. The actors will start filming this spring.

“Morgan and I are thrilled to bring to life the story of Mary Bowser, who volunteered to be placed in the ‘Confederate White House’ (aka The Gray House), posing as an enslaved person. She was thought by everyone to be illiterate,” said Freeman’s production partner Lori McCreary. “And so they spoke freely in front of her. And with her photographic memory, she was able to send battle and secret information to the Union Army and help turn the tide of the Civil War.”