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‘Yellowstone’ Star Kevin Costner Reveals 2 Words That Best Describe Him When You ‘Boil Me Down’

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo by Michael Tran/FilmMagic)

In a recent interview with Golden State tourism site, Visit California, Yellowstone’s Kevin Costner talks about his love of the state.

On the “California Now” Podcast, the Hollywood icon discusses everything from his favorite California meal to the quintessential California car. With Yellowstone filming all but done for the fourth season, Costner is taking some time to enjoy his home state. He also notes he gets a lot of pleasure out of promoting California’s growing tourism industry that is among the tops in the nation.

In an interesting segment from the podcast, Costner chooses two words to best describe himself. To no one’s surprise, the Yellowstone star says he takes great pride in the two titles.

“I think if you boil me down — most people would say “adventurer” or “storyteller,” he says in the self-description.

Costner often speaks of his love of exploration, noting when he is filming a particular show or movie, he tries to find time to adventure out and explore his surroundings. The same is true for when he is home in the state of California. He’s also noted that when on the Yellowstone set, he finds the landscape to be very inviting and he greatly enjoys the scenery.

Regarding the Golden State, he mentions the High Sierra and the state’s National Parks as places he enjoys visiting.

Yellowstone, Kevin Costner Preparing for Return

Costner is one of the top leading actors in the film industry. The Hollywood Icon already has his next project, “National Parks,” ready to go with a green light for a pilot from the ABC network.

But before he jumps headfirst into a new show, he has much work left to be done on Yellowstone Ranch. On the show, Costner plays aging ranch owner John Dutton to near perfection. Through its first three seasons, the Paramount Network series has become one the most popular shows on television. The series follows the powerful Montana ranching family, the Duttons, and their fight to hold on to their ranch. There is no shortage of outsiders who would like to take the Dutton property for development purposes. The family has made clear that they won’t be going down without a fight.

Yellowstone will return this summer with a June date looking likely for a fourth season premiere. It’s music to the ears of the show’s enormous fan base who are eager for its return.