‘Yellowstone’ Star Kevin Costner Reveals His ‘Favorite Big City in America’

by Thad Mitchell

Legendary Hollywood leading man Kevin Costner has a full plate these days as he has irons in a lot fires. He recently put the finishing touches on filming for the upcoming fourth installment of his hit television series “Yellowstone.”

On the Paramount Network modern western series, Costner plays grizzled ranch owner and operator John Dutton. Costner plays the role of Dutton, a simple man trying to protect what its rightfully his, to perfection. Yellowstone fans are hoping to see more of Costner as John Dutton, but it isn’t a guarantee.

We last left Dutton on the side of road, where he had been shot by an unknown ambusher. It appears from the finale that he survives thanks to a cell phone in his shirt pocket, but his return isn’t a certainty. It would be a massive loss for fans of the show if Dutton succumbs to his injuries at the end of the final episode.

Costner has other projects in the works too, including a new series called “National Parks.” A date for the new show’s premiere is not yet known but some fans theorize Costner could reprise his John Dutton role for the show.

Kevin Costner Dishes on Favorite City, Romantic Getaways

Costner recently took a break from his hectic schedule to interact with his fans via social media. Speaking with online entertainment site Hearhere, Costner shares his thoughts on a variety of subjects, including his favorite big city in America.

“What are Co-Founder Kevin Costner’s favorite locations for a romantic getaway?” the post reads. “Listen as he shares his insight into a perfect Valentine’s Day.”

Costner gives an unsurprising answer to his favorite big city in the country. The Windy City tops his list of favorite places.

“You know my favorite big city in America is Chicago,” he says. “One of the most charming places to go for me, romantically, is anywhere with my wife.”

It is exactly the type of answer you would expect from a romantic like Costner, who also mentions Aspen, Colorado as a favorite destination.

With Valentine’s Day almost upon us, it certainly seems Costner has a leg up in the romance department. Yellowstone fans hope that parlays into John Dutton’s return for the upcoming fourth season.