‘Yellowstone’ Star Kevin Costner Reveals Major Perks of Ranch Life

by Shelby Scott

Whether you’re a genuine rancher or you’ve just watched every single episode of “Yellowstone” ever, Outsiders know there’s not much that comes easy when it comes to that sort of lifestyle. That said, in a recent video interview, “Yellowstone” cast member Kevin Costner revealed the two major perks about ranch life.

First of all, during the latest installment of Deadline‘s Virtual Screening Series, the John Dutton actor shared he does own a “little” ranch. And while Costner’s character struggles with a lot on “Yellowstone,” especially considering the sheer size of the Dutton Ranch, he highlighted what makes ownership of his own ranch so rewarding.

“Well, I’ll tell you the best thing about owning anything,” Costner began, “is the ability to share it.”

Coincidentally, this is one of John Dutton’s major values within the confines of “Yellowstone” itself. Throughout, the character searches for the most successful ways to share and, eventually, pass on the ranch to his children.

As for the second perk, this is one Outsiders with limited parking area can get behind.

Costner continued, “There’s two ways you know you own something, one, you’re willing to share it,” he reiterated, “and the other is you can park your car in the grass.”

His summation of ranch perks was met with laughter from his costars. Here, the actor’s much more approachable character revealed itself in comparison to John Dutton’s calculating reserve.

Overall then, if you own it, be sure to share it or park on it. After all, it’s yours, right?

Kevin Costner to Develop Docuseries Entitled ‘Onward’

“Yellowstone” fans are anxiously awaiting the release of season five, with filming kicking off in May. Meanwhile, Kevin Costner has taken up another project.

With its focus on indigenous people and their struggles within contemporary society, it makes sense the “Yellowstone” actor took an interest in the narrative surrounding global indigenous cultures. Seemingly, as a result, the actor has announced plans to develop a docuseries detailing the stories of native peoples.

Specifically, Kevin Costner’s “Onward” explores the diversity of ritual and culture apparent in native populations around the world. As for the series composition, each episode focuses on one particular community found across the globe. In this way, viewers have the opportunity to see each community in its own light.

Additionally, Kevin Costner will work alongside Cale Glendening who previously produced a documentary short also entitled, “Onward.”

In it, he shared his experience with the Kazakh-Mongolia eagle hunters occupying the Altai Mountains.

Of Costner’s new endeavor, Glendening said, “We hope ‘Onward’ will be an intimate portrait of family and community life that celebrates the diversity of cultures–many of them at risk of extinction–across the world.”