‘Yellowstone’ Star Kevin Costner Speaks Out About the ‘Strength’ of the Duttons’ Story

by Chris Haney

Recently, Hollywood icon and Yellowstone leading man Kevin Costner gave a joint interview where he discussed the “strength” of the Dutton family’s story. Along with Costner, country stars Tim McGraw and Faith Hill joined to speak about the Yellowstone prequel 1883 where the real-life couple portrays James and Margaret Dutton.

The popularity of the hit Paramount series has seen the network create several spinoffs starting with 1883. Next up, 6666 will tell ranch hand Jimmy’s story as he continues his career on the famous Texas ranch. Additionally, a second prequel titled 1923 featuring more Hollywood royalty in Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren will help bridge the gap in the generational Dutton family storyline from 1883 to Yellowstone.

While speaking to Deadline, interviewer Mike Fleming Jr. asked Costner straightforward, “Kevin, your review of 1883?” While answering that question in front of McGraw and Hill, he also spoke to the larger topic of how strong the Dutton storyline is throughout each generation of the fictional family.

“I’m really comfortable with what is happening [with the Yellowstone spinoffs],” Kevin Costner responded. “I mean it’s a generational thing, which isn’t fiction in America. People figure out really quick that Americans didn’t settle America, okay? I’m sorry, immigrants did. People figured out that they came from countries with a monarchy… If you braved that ocean, you got there.”

“And people who ventured out learned at some point if they were mean enough, if they were strong enough, they could become kings themselves. And it happened from sea to shining sea,” Costner continued. “What you’re seeing out there is not fiction. You’re seeing generations of people who held onto the land. And it’s the strength of the show, at least I think of Yellowstone. Besides the colorful language, besides the characters that you wish you were.”

Kevin Costner Speaks Further About the Strength of Western Stories Like ‘Yellowstone’

The Yellowstone patriarch spoke further about the strength of Yellowstone and the everyday work that is put in on the Dutton ranch. While it may be a fictional drama, Americans across the nation have lived a similar lifestyle to the Duttons for decades upon decades. It’s one of the defining features that makes the series as authentic as it is.

“The Western is a gunfight. But the strength of a Western is how you get to the gunfight,” Kevin Costner shared. “And if you think about Yellowstone, we have all these colorful things. But what’s truthful is this work is being done every day still before the sun comes up, before it goes down. There’s no weekends off with taking care of animals. That’s being done. But it’s the use of the land. The people that are coming for your land.”

“I think that’s the strength to our story besides all the pizzazz,” he added.

There are definitely plenty of gunfights and pizzazz to keep fans happy as well. In fact, Costner also spoke about the upcoming season of Yellowstone recently in a separate interview with The Hollywood Reporter. “I think it’s safe to say the foot’s on the gas, and we’re not slowing down,” he said. We’re sure that’s music to Yellowstone fans’ ears.