‘Yellowstone’ Star Kevin Costner Said He Started ‘Weeping’ Watching Footage of Secretariat Win in 2015 Interview

by Halle Ames

Yellowstone star Kevin Costner once admitted in an interview to breaking down when watching footage of the legendary racehorse Secretariat.

Conveniently enough, Kevin Costner plays a cowboy on the hit western drama, Yellowstone. So, if anyone in Hollywood is going to get emotional over a horse, it has to be him.

Secretariat is a record-holding racehorse that won the Triple Crown in 1973.

Although Kevin Costner admitted, he didn’t know much about horse racing, the moment that Secretariat won the Kentucky Derby in just 1:59 time, it moved him to tears. The horse also won by an impressive 31 lengths in the Belmont Stakes the same year.

In a 2015 interview with the ESPN podcast, In The Gate, Kevin Costner explained how Secretariats win was unlike any other sports moment.

“When I saw Secretariat win, I remember weeping,” reveals Kevin Costner. “I don’t know why and I’ve seen it now in documentaries and in slow motion and heard the same call that he’s suddenly 32 lengths in front of everyone, and I can weep during that.”

Kevin Costner continued, saying that the Secretariat’s work ethic and desire to win was inspiring. If you don’t believe him, watch the 2010 film on the magnificent horse, who was also called Big Red.

“That horse just somehow transcends almost everything. This horse’s desire to win is so much better than the rest- a horse of a century. Secretariat was something that I’ll never forget. As I have [remembered] other indelible sports moments, but none any bigger than that, and yet it’s not a sport that I watch,” Costner continued.

Kevin Costner Still Appreciates Horse Racing

You don’t need to know much about horse racing to be moved to tears by Secretariat’s incredible story. Kevin Costner didn’t. He explained how his friend, producer Jim Wilson was the horse fanatic out of the two.

“Well, Jim really loves it, and he loved it when we first met. I never understood anything about it. One time he called me up in the middle of the night, said, ‘Hey, we have a chance to buy a horse.’ I said, ‘What color is it?’ I mean, that was really about all I knew. He stayed with racing, so I’ve been able to, you know, through him understand a little more,” Costner continued.

Secretariat was one of a kind. Costner agrees, saying that “occasionally these horses come along and they capture the imagination of the American public.”

In the wake of yesterday’s Kentucky Derby, I feel as though we can all appreciate yelling at the TV and cheering for our favorite horse.

Take a look at this incredible Secretariat clip here at the Belmont Stakes here.