‘Yellowstone’ Star Kevin Costner and Wife Almost Suffer Wardrobe Malfunction at Oscars

by Leanne Stahulak
(Photo by VALERIE MACON / AFP) (Photo by VALERIE MACON/AFP via Getty Images)

Yellowstone” star Kevin Costner and his wife, Christine Baumgartner, absolutely rocked the red carpet at the Academy Awards last night.

However, per The Daily Mail, the couple nearly suffered a wardrobe malfunction. Costner wore a sleek tuxedo (along with some stylish sunglasses). Baumgartner stunned in a sleeveless black and silver mesh gown. The base layer of the gown looks to be a light gray or silver, while a lace or mesh pattern rests on top of the silver.

From the looks of the photo below, either a cuff link or button on Kevin Costner’s jacket snagged on his wife’s gown. Likely, it got caught up in the black lace or mesh. The two laughed over the wardrobe malfunction goodheartedly, though. Soon, the button was freed, and the couple continued down the red carpet.

Kevin Costner posted a shoutout to his wife and her gorgeous look before the awards show began. He captioned his Instagram post, “How beautiful is my date? Thank you to @theacademy for having us tonight.”

Costner and Baumgartner attended the ceremony because Costner was tapped to present an award. He ended up announcing Jane Campion as the winner of the Best Director award, which seemed fitting. After all, Costner himself won the Best Director award back in 1991 for his hit film “Dances With Wolves.”

What Do We Know About Kevin Costner and His Wife, Christine Baumgartner?

Kevin Costner and his wife Christine Baumgartner have been married since September 2004. They have three kids together, although, at the time, Costner believed he was done having children.

When the two tied the knot, Baumgartner was 30 and Costner 49. The age gap never dimmed the love they have for one another, however. The two met in the late 90s and started seriously dating into the 2000s. They broke up briefly, however, when Costner told Baumgartner he wasn’t interested in having more children.

She said, ‘I’m going to wait for you, but not long. When you come to your senses, come back to me,’” Costner told Parade back in 2012. “And I did.”

It worked out well for both of them. Costner and Baumgartner’s first child, Cayden, was born on May 6, 2007. Then Hayes was born on February 12, 2009, and Grace on June 2, 2010. These three joined the rank of Costner’s other kids, who he had from previous relationships.

Kevin Costner first married Cindy Silva in 1978, but the two divorced in 1994. During that time, Silva gave birth to Annie, on April 15, 1984, and Lily on August 4, 1986. She also had Joe on January 31, 1988. During the divorce process, Costner started seeing Bridget Rooney. She then gave birth to his son, Liam, on November 15, 1996.

So, Kevin Costner already had four kids by two women when he met Baumgartner. But that didn’t phase her. The two are now happy, in love, and celebrating all seven of Costner’s kids.