‘Yellowstone’ Star Kevin Costner Wraps Up His Band’s Tour, Teases More Tour Dates Coming

by Taylor Cunningham

Kevin Costner & Modern West wrapped up their Tales from Yellowstone Tour yesterday night (September 4th). And by the sounds of it, the band will be hitting the road again in the future.

Kevin Costner founded his American county rock band in 2007 and has been juggling concert dates and filming his NBC hit Yellowstone ever since. The group recorded their debut album Untold Truths back in 2008. And while only a few singles made it to the airwaves, the record still found a spot on the Billboard charts.

Last night, the group played their final set in Decatur, Illinois, and Costner took to Twitter to say goodbye to the road and tease future concert dates.

“That’s a wrap!” The Yellowstone store wrote alongside a video of the music group bowing to a cheering crowd. “I had such a blast getting out and playing live music again. Thank you to all who came to these shows. We’ll be announcing more fall tour dates in the coming days. Stay tuned to find out if we’re coming to your city next.”

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Prepare for Season 4

Now that Kevin Costner is done with his tour, all eyes are back on Season 4 of Yellowstone. With so much anticipation, people have taken to Reddit to talk about their most burning questions and popular fan theories.

One such question was about all the hits on the Duttons. More specifically, they want to know if all the attacks were planned by one group in particular. When a Redditor asked the question someone gave them a keen answer.

“We got Angela Blue Thunder and Rainwater, Market Equities and Sawyer, and Randall/Jamie,” wrote OtisKaplan. “All three parties benefit from these attacks and have all hinted towards hurting the Duttons at the end of season 3.”

And a new fan theory surfaced today about Garrett Randall. Some Reddit users think that Randall is tied to yet another villain. This time Roarke Morris from Market Equities.

“Roarke found Wade Morrow to use against the Duttons. Maybe he hired Randall too,” hypothesized one Redditor. And more users were quick to join the conversation. But one was able to explain away the question. Though, we still think there could be a complicated plot twist that could prove the theory true.

“I like the theory, but I don’t think it’s accurate. When Jamie sought out Garrett for the first time, Garrett didn’t know who Jamie was and even told Jamie that he shouldn’t look to form a relationship with him. If he were working for Market Equities I believe he would know who Jaime is and his task would be to get as close to Jamie as possible in order to manipulate or kill him.”