‘Yellowstone’ Star Kevin Costner’s Band Will Headline The Homestead Festival as Part of ‘Tales From Yellowstone 2’ Tour

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Pressefoto Ulmerullstein bild via Getty Images

“Yellowstone” actor Kevin Costner is basically a real-life superhero. Honestly, we’re surprised he hasn’t even played a superhero character on the screen yet (the closest he’s gotten is portraying Superman’s father, Jonathan Kent, in the DC universe).

In real life, however, Kevin Costner has shown just how much he is able to juggle at once. From playing the main role of John Dutton in “Yellowstone” to working on his passion project “Horizon” to also sharing his musical passion.

Now, the actor announced that his band, Modern West, landed a new unique gig. The group will be headlining The Homestead Festival in Columbia, Tennessee. So, for all our Tennesse readers out there, you may get a chance to see Costner up close and personal.

The group is on a “Tales From Yellowstone 2” tour throughout the country. As they do this, it’s the perfect time to make a pitstop over at this bluegrass and country festival. So, go ahead and clear out your schedule for June 4 if you want to watch Modern West live.

As for the festival, it is being held at Rory Feek’s 100-acre farm. Feek is a Grammy-winning artist himself, as well as a New York Times best-selling author. If you show up, you’ll get to see a lot more than just the “Yellowstone” star and his band.

More Information on Upcoming Festival with Kevin Costner & Modern West

Other artists dropping by include Jimmy Fortune, The Isaacs, and the Brotherly Love project. The event will fuse together music and conversation, with popular speakers like Joel Salatin, Justin Rhodes, and Dr. Temple Grandin also dropping by for a visit.

“We are all, of course, over-the-moon excited to have Mr. Costner and his band coming to join us for the event. But the truth is, we are just as excited to have all the incredible performers and speakers that are taking the time from their busy lives to come to Tennessee and share their knowledge and skills with individuals and families who too will be coming from all over to take part in this special weekend,” Feek said in a recent statement.

As for the conversation aspect of this festival, it sounds just as interesting and can teach you to be closer to the land, “Yellowstone” style. The speakers will share their “vast experience of learning to be more self-sustaining and living closer to the land, which I think are very important things that aren’t being passed down to future generations the way they used to be, especially with the struggles we are all facing in the world today. People are interested in learning the skills and information that can help them provide for their families in these challenging times and also add meaning and joy to their lives,” Feek also said.

The ability to watch Costner perform live is starkly different than seeing him on “Yellowstone.” As his band goes on tour, he will likely also start production on season five of the series very soon as well.