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‘Yellowstone’ Star Kevin Costner’s Film Is Leaving Netflix, Watch Now

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Drop what you’re doing and log into your Netflix account. A Kevin Costner underrated gem is about to leave the streaming platform for good.

The movie in question is “Black or White,” which came out in 2014 and is slated to leave Netflix on March 1.

While this isn’t one of the “Yellowstone” star’s award-winning Western or sports-centric movies, “Black or White” is proof of how thorough and emotional Costner can get in any role. The movie follows Elliot Anderson, played by Kevin Costner.

He is tasked with taking care of his young granddaughter, Eloise. Her mother died during childbirth. This means that Elliott and his wife, also the child’s grandmother, must take care of the girl. The movie takes an even sadder turn when Elliot’s wife also passes away, making him the only caregiver in the girl’s life.

Somewhat understandably, Elliot is having a hard time coping with it all. He finds solace in the bottle and, eventually, ends up in a nasty custody battle with Eloise’s father’s side of the family. That includes Rowena Jeffers, played by award-winning actress Octavia Spencer, who is the girl’s other grandmother.

Suddenly, the two sides of the family are forced to work together so that Eloise can have the best possible life following all the tragedy. Not to mention, the film does an excellent job discussing different racial themes. Although it certainly is a good level of depressing, “Black or White” is worth a watch before it leaves Netflix.

The film is directed by Mike Binder. His name may sound familiar to Kevin Costner fans. He wrote and directed “The Upside of Anger,” which starred Costner as well. “Black or White” is full of heartwarming moments and is all about the human struggle after a devastating loss and what wills us to go on. Despite all that, this film has one of the lower critic ratings compared to the rest of his portfolio. It has a 38% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Epic Passion Project for Kevin Costner

During his long career in Hollywood, Kevin Costner has been able to achieve quite the roster of roles over the years.

Now, Costner is finally going to work on a passion project he’s been wanting to do for years. Deadline shared the news that “Horizon” will be the next major career move for the “Dances With Wolves” star.

This is a period Western film that will allow Costner to lead all parts of the filmmaking process. He is starring in the movie, as well as directing, producing, and financing it as well. This will be his first time behind the camera since 2003’s “Open Range.”

Casting for this project will start this month. It will tell a 15-year story of the post-Civil War expansion and settlement.