‘Yellowstone’ Star Kevin Costner’s Travel Startup Has Raised Millions This Year: See the Numbers

by Suzanne Halliburton

Yellowstone star Kevin Costner also has another official job title. He’s a road trip entrepreneur. And his startup recently received some nice seed money.

Costner’s app is called HearHere. And the wording says it all. A traveler downloads the HearHere app. You keep your location settings open. And HearHere will send you a clip of three to five minutes long that tells you cool, must-see spots in the area.

In the latest round of funding, the Kevin Costner startup received $3.2 million. The big investors are Camping World and AAA. In fact, Camping World is using the app in its trip planning tool.

The app is available for download at the Apple App tore. An android version will be released later this year. The app is available for every state but Alaska and Hawaii.

Costner became part of HearHere in August, 2020. Woody Sears, Costner’s neighbor in Santa Barbara, thought of the app, first. He then told Costner about it.

“There’s no shortage of stories that can be told about all these places in America,” Sears said in an interview with TechCrunch. “There are millions of stories, so you have to be somewhat selective in the beginning. For some of those, we were inspired by things like historical markers, and then [we took] them a layer deeper. We’re not just focused on major tourist destinations, like cities and national parks, but on all the things in between that connect people to cities.”

Kevin Costner Provides Some of Narration for Startup Travel App

Kevin Costner narrates some of the stories, providing his personal recommendations and details about the area.

On Valentine’s Day last year, the HearHere social media account posted a video of Costner to Instagram. The Yellowstone patriarch raved about his favorite spots for a romantic getaway.

“One of the most charming places for me to go romantically is anywhere with my wife,” Kevin Costner said. “But I like the San Ysidro Ranch right here in Montecito. That’s just been our place.

“We also live in Aspen. I’ve been lucky enough to live in the places that really speak out loud to me. And I love having dinner with my wife at Cache Cache in Aspen.

Sears, the co-founder, said HearHere will use the seed money to expand its staff. It already has a 26-person team, most of whom are contractors with a background in travel journalism. The staff writes and narrates content and also researches and edits it.

HearHere has 100,000 registered users. And there are almost 9,000 stories about places and impressive sights across the United States. It costs $36 a year to subscribe.

In Oklahoma? Check out the Yellowstone Star’s Favorite Museums

And like we said, Kevin Costner provides a personal touch. In one video, he chatted about his favorite museums in Oklahoma. His grandfather was from the Sooner State, with the family moving to California after the Dust Bowl.

“I remember having my own fascination with Remingtons and Russells,” Costner said in a HearHere video posyed on Twitter. “I knew they were there at this Gilcrease Museum. After I finished Fandango, a film I shot in Texas, I realized I was so close and I just had to go. I just had to go, And I wasn’t disappointed.”