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‘Yellowstone’ Star Luke Grimes Describes Favorite Stunt of Season 4

by Chris Haney
(via Paramount Press Center)

During a recent podcast appearance, Yellowstone star Luke Grimes opened up about his favorite stunt he’s performed during his time on the show.

Actors Luke Grimes (Kayce) and Wes Bentley (Jamie) recently joined the official Yellowstone podcast. They sat down to talk about all kinds of various subjects pertaining to the hit Paramount series. While speaking early on in the podcast episode “A House Divided,” Grimes described his favorite stunt from the show so far.

Before getting into the numerous stunts he performs, Grimes admitted he has a fantastic stunt double who does the heavy lifting. However, Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan wants his actors to perform as many of the stunts as they can. The Kayce actor says that he gets better at riding horses and doing stunts each season. Yet, one particular stunt stands out to Grimes.

“To this day, my favorite moment was… there’s a sequence in this coming, I think it’s the next episode that airs actually, where I kind of go wrangle up these mustangs. I have to chase this group of mustangs, kind of herd them up and chase them through this huge pasture. And the stunt double did it once, and Taylor was like, ‘You want to try it?'” Grimes shared.

“I was scared to death, but of course I wanted to try it,” the Yellowstone actor continued. “And to this day, the greatest day I’ve ever had on a set. It was like catching a wave, because [my] horse is trying to keep up with these wild horses, and it just becomes part of this herd. For the first time in the show, it’s full tilt like running as dead fast as it can. It was so cool.”

‘Yellowstone’ Actor Luke Grimes Talks About Learning to Ride Horses

Luke Grimes had very little experience riding horses before joining the Yellowstone cast. Considering his inexperience, he’s really come into his own since Season 1 premiered. Most fans likely didn’t even know he wasn’t accustomed to riding since he looks like a pro on television. While speaking in the same podcast, the Kayce Dutton actor spoke about learning to ride.

“I had very little horse experience before Yellowstone began,” Grimes admits. “I had done a western before — the remake of the Magnificent Seven. But in that movie, I wasn’t supposed to be good at horse riding. So, they didn’t really let me get good at it. I rode one of those movie horses that just walks up and hits a mark.”

Yet when he joined the cast, creator Taylor Sheridan called him six weeks before they began filming. He told Grimes that they didn’t use movie horses, they’d be using real horses, and Grimes needed to start practicing immediately. Sheridan told him to ride every day and also had him working with a reining coach twice a week.

“It’s a skill set that I never saw coming,” he says. “It’s really been such a joy to learn.”