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‘Yellowstone’ Star Luke Grimes Leaves Fans With Questions After Cryptic Post

by Shelby Scott
'Yellowstone' star Luke Grimes as Kayce Dutton
Photo Courtesy Paramount Network

On Wednesday, Yellowstone star Luke Grimes, known for his role as Kayce Dutton, took to Instagram with a cryptic post. With neither a reference to his career in country music nor to his role in the Taylor Sheridan-produced series, fans were left with tons of questions.

Luke Grimes’ photo caption was very brief. He ambiguously wrote, “Dark cloud hangin’ over me…”

Though fans of Luke Grimes and Yellowstone alike had handfuls of theories about what the caption might mean, many of them suggested it might be a hint about new music.

“Hinting at a new song/album title?” one of the TV star’s followers guessed. Another demanded, “Where’s the next trackkkkk!!!”

A third fan gushed, “Can’t wait to hear your next song !! Heart and eyes wide open.”

Luke Grimes officially made his debut in country music when he released his first track, “No Horse to Ride,” last month. The Kayce Dutton actor signed a major record deal with Nashville’s Universal Music Group in association with Range Music just a week prior to dropping his first song. Luke Grimes’ brand new song “No Horse to Ride” was featured on TV in a huge way recently, making its Yellowstone debut during the January 1st midseason finale of season five.

Perhaps, when Yellowstone premieres the second half of season five later this summer, we’ll get to hear even more of Luke Grimes’ musical talent.

Luke Grimes Reveals Little About the End of ‘Yellowstone’

It’s been a little while since Luke Grimes has provided us with an update about his new career in music and, unfortunately, he has very few updates regarding the back half of Yellowstone season five—and the rest of the series as a whole. After his character Kayce foreshadowed the end of the Dutton legacy during the season four finale, Grimes recently revealed he actually has no idea how Yellowstone will (eventually) end.

During an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Luke Grimes revealed, “I think some of the cast know the end [of Yellowstone].”

However, he was quick to admit, “I don’t think Taylor [Sheridan], who writes our show, wants me to know … I don’t know — it might affect the way you do something or play something.”

That said, Grimes also explained that experiencing Yellowstone without knowing the finite end of the series is a good thing for him. He shared, “it’s kind of fun to experience it this way, anyway. It’s sort of like life.”

Yellowstone fans are thinking heavily about the end of the series as two of the show’s leading characters, Beth and Jamie Dutton, seem set on murdering one another. It will be interesting to see how that storyline continues to play out when the midseason premiere of season five debuts.