‘Yellowstone’ Star Luke Grimes Once Played the Guitar For Cast at Cowboy Camp

by Leanne Stahulak

Apparently, the cast of “Yellowstone” knew about Luke Grimes’ singing and guitar career before any of the fans found out.

Aside from being a phenomenal actor, Luke Grimes also has a huge musical background. He once played in a band and is now starting his own solo career as a country music artist.

Grimes’ “Yellowstone” co-star, Jefferson White, shared a cool story about the first time he heard Luke Grimes play the guitar at the show’s Cowboy Camp. White sat down with Us Weekly earlier this week and dished on several co-stars, including the Kayce Dutton actor.

“Luke Grimes… there’s a lot of secrets about Luke Grimes,” White shared. “He’s an incredible musician.”

White then dove into his tale. “One time, we were doing something called Cowboy Camp before we started filming season one. We were all sort of spending time in the mountains, trying to learn how to ride horses. Taylor [Sheridan] feels very strongly — and the production benefits from it immensely — that we all need to really invest in these skills, really spend a lot of time on horseback learning these skills.”

He continued, “So Luke Grimes brought a guitar [to Cowboy Camp]. And one time, around the fire, played one song. And I’ll never forget it for the rest of my life. I’ve heard Luke Grimes sing one time, and I’ll never forget it for the rest of my life. Incredible musician.”

You heard it here first, folks. Jefferson’s account is the first time we’ve heard that the “Yellowstone” cast has heard Grimes sing before. And though it sounds like it was just the one time, clearly it left an impression on everyone. And lucky for us, we’ll have a chance to hear the actor firsthand when he releases his new music later this year.

Luke Grimes is Working on New Songs in Nashville

Earlier this week, country singer Jessi Alexander shared a sneak peek of Luke Grimes and his guitar hard at work in Nashville. Alexander teamed up with Grimes and songwriter Ben Hayslip to help Grimes write some new material.

“I was the lucky girl that got to make up a song today with these boys,” Alexander captioned her post. In the photo, we see both Grimes and Hayslip standing to either side of Alexander.

Hayslip also shared the photo, writing, “Not only is Luke Grimes one of my favorite characters (Kayce) on one of my favorite shows (@yellowstone), he’s also one heckuva songwriter! Good times and good song today with Luke and @jessilalexander.”

This sounds beyond promising for Grimes’ career as a country artist. Many people were excited when he announced his intentions to become a country singer back in January. Now we just hope the new music will be ready and out in the world sometime this year.