Yellowstone Star Luke Grimes Says Dutton Ranch Represents Fight for American Dream

by Thad Mitchell

With one of the largest fans base of any modern television show, “Yellowstone” popularity continues to grow at a high rate.

On a recent edition of “The Official Yellowstone Podcast,” Luke Grimes speaks with co-star Jefferson White on why people love the show. He says the Dutton family represents the pursuit of the American Dream and that really resonates with every day pursuing their own dreams. Much like we all do, the Duttons must face down those who wish to take that dream from them. Grimes says this is the backbone of the “Yellowstone” story.

“The romantic idea of the west is a part of the reason that people love this show so much,” he says. “Being able to escape, you know, and just sit in their living rooms and go to this place is one of the most important parts of our show. It’s what Yellowstone is about — sort of fighting for that romantic of what that could be. The Yellowstone Ranch is at the crux of everything in the show. The beauty of the west is at the core of everything we do.”

‘Yellowstone’ Star Luke Grimes is a favorite Among Fans

Luke Grimes portrays one of “Yellowstone’s” top characters in Kayce Dutton. A favorite of the show’s fans, Kayce is the son of ranch owner John Dutton. Kayce is very loyal to his family and especially to his father’s ranch and the western way of life. He has a family of his own that he is very devoted to as well. His wife, Monica Dutton, is a Native American and his son, Tate Dutton, is a future cowboy in training.

Through three and a half seasons, we have seen Kayce transform from a lone wolf into a family man. A former Navy Seal, he has some demons in his past that he must often wrestle with. His time in the Navy served well as he skillfully trained in the art of combat and it really shines through on the show. We have seen him lead a raid on a militant group to retrieve his son and earlier this season, he emerged victorious in an intense shoot-off.

Kayce has seen plenty of ups and downs this season and “Yellowstone” fans wonder what is in store in these last four episodes.

He made a bold move earlier in the season to move his family away from “Yellowstone” Ranch. His wife and son and are struggling mentally and emotionally with the fallout from the attacks to begin season four. The move seems to have paid off as Monica and Tate appear to be in much better spirits since relocating to the reservation.

The last episode saw them looking for a house on the reservation, signaling the move might be permanent.

Will find out as season four rolls on.