‘Yellowstone’ Star Mo Brings Plenty Celebrates Brother in New Photo

by Thad Mitchell

Mo Brings Plenty, star of the hit Paramount Network series “Yellowstone,” is celebrating his family in a recent social media post.

The Native American actor is one of the breakout stars of “Yellowstone,” playing “Mo,” a prominent member of the Broken Rock Tribe. Mo serves numerous roles within the tribe, his most important is his loyalty to tribe chairman Thomas Rainwater. Mo serves as the chairman’s driver, advisor and enforcer and is equally adept at the roles. Brings Plenty has quickly become a favorite of “Yellowstone” fans and his role on the series continues to grow. We saw quite a bit of Mo in the fourth season and fans hope that will continue into season five.

Brings Plenty and the rest of the “Yellowstone” cast will head back to work in May as production on season five begins. But Brings Plenty is currently enjoying the “Yellowstone” offseason and got to spend some with family recently. He shared a social media post about his most recent visit with his Brother, Joe Brings Plenty, on Saturday.

“The one and the only — my brother Joe Brings Plenty,” he says in the Instagram post. “I took a trip to Eagle Butte last weekend for a meeting; it was a good meeting — amazing things came out of that meeting. It was a shame a couple of individuals didn’t show up for that meeting. It was good to have some family time — I don’t see my brother as much as I wish I did.”

Brings Plenty includes a nice photo of him and his brother sharing some quality time together. You can see the resemblance between the men and they are all smiles as they get to catch up with each other.

‘Yellowstone’ Star Mo Brings Plenty Personifies Authenticity

There are few stars in Hollywood with a similar background to Mo Brings Plenty which makes him a perfect fit for “Yellowstone.”

When he isn’t in Montana filming “Yellowstone” scenes, Brings Plenty resides on a large cattle ranch. He lives the life of a cowboy and cattle rancher each and every day. He often uses social media to share in his latest ranching adventures with “Yellowstone” fans. Whether it’s wrangling up cattle or enjoying a nice horseback ride, the actor is the real deal in the ranching life.

Brings Plenty is also a rodeo star, having competed in rodeo events around the United States. It is a family tradition for the “Yellowstone” star as several family members have also competed in rodeos. The actor excelled a riding bareback and tried saddle bronc as well but found out it was not for him.

“I was horrible because of my thought process of everything,” Brings Plenty explained. “I was so scared and nervous of it. And I rode bulls, and then eventually, I got scared of the bareback horses as well. And I just decided to stick with riding bulls, they weren’t as scary for me