‘Yellowstone’ Star Mo Brings Plenty Celebrates Show Becoming Top Franchise of 2021

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

Mo Brings Plenty, star of the hit Paramount Network series “Yellowstone,” is among those thrilled with the show’s latest accolade.

Paramount Network officials announced earlier this week that “Yellowstone” is television’s top franchise of 2021. The modern western drama was second to no one across physical and digital transactional media during 2021. The series continues to break its own previously set records in terms of viewership. The fourth season is its highest-rated season yet with more than 8 million viewers tuning in for the fourth season premiere. The fourth season finale did even better will well over 10 million fans watching. Mo Brings Plenty is among members of the “Yellowstone” cast celebrating this impressive accomplishment. He took to social media today (Friday) to share his excitement with fans and followers of his television show.

“Heck yeah!” the “Yellowstone” star says with glee. “LONG LIVE TAYLOR SHERIDAN.”

In addition to his “Yellowstone” social media post, Mo Brings Plenty includes a photo of a headline that reads “Yellowstone is the top TV franchise of 2021” above a photo of Kevin Costner.

Numerous “Yellowstone” used the opportunity to congratulate Mo Brings Plenty on the accomplishment. He plays “Mo” on the popular series, an associate of Broken Rock Tribe leader Thomas Rainwater. Mo has been with the show since season one and has been garnering more and more screen tom as his character is a hit among the show’s huge fan base.

“Well done!” a social media user in the post’s comments section. “My favorite show. Can’t wait to see what season five brings for Mo and everyone else.”

“Congratulations to all of y’all!” another fan says. “Mo you and everyone are all doing a fantastic job.

‘Yellowstone’ Executive Echo Mo Brings Plenty’s Sentiments

The Native American actor is far from the only one celebrating the show’s latest accomplishment. Mo Brings Plenty is joined in excitement by “Yellowstone” cast members, crew members and even the show’s executive staff who give the credit to the show’s supportive fans.

“As we continue to build out the ‘Yellowstone’ universe, it’s amazing to see that there is an enormous audience out there who is as eager as we are to expand this world in ways that are rivaling the largest film and television franchises in the industry,” producer David Glasser says. “We are indebted to the fans who have made that a reality, who make us strive even harder to keep offering even more compelling characters and stories.”

It seems “Yellowstone” is destined for even more impressive feats with the expansion of its universe. Taylor Sheridan has created an entire world from the series.

Mo Brings Plenty and the rest of the “Yellowstone” cast will be back to work soon as filming for season five will begin in May.