‘Yellowstone’ Star Mo Brings Plenty Expresses ‘Profound Gratitude’ for Elk

by Shelby Scott

Yellowstone” fans have found plenty of reasons to admire actor Mo Brings Plenty over the course of four seasons. Now, we get to add one more to the list after he expressed “profound gratitude” for elk on Instagram. Check out the gentle beasts, and Mo Brings Plenty’s interaction with them, below.

“I saw some relatives standing alongside the road,” the actor began his post. “[S]o I stopped because I wanted to share with them my profound gratitude for all the ways they take care of our Indian people.”

Across the four seasons of the Taylor Sheridan produced series, we’ve seen Mo’s gentle, though reverent, interactions with animals on multiple occasions. These include encounters with horses, wolves, and, now, elk.

That said, Mo’s an interesting character within the scope of the neo-Western. While he treats all animals with dignity and respect, he’s fearlessly loyal to his heritage and his people and we’ve seen the extent to which he’ll go to maintain the safety of his native family, not to mention the wildlife he’s so passionate about.

Fans shared their admiration for Mo Brings Plenty, as well as the elk herd, in the comments beneath the clip.

“And that’s exactly why we love you Mo!” wrote one of the “Yellowstone” star’s followers. Another fan shared, “Mo you are blessed with a beautiful soul. Thank you for sharing the time you spent with the elk. Sending much respect your way.”

Mo Brings Plenty: Actor, Rancher, and Cowboy

Over on “Yellowstone,” we’re all about the cowboys, however, Mo Brings Plenty occupied the true definition as he previously shared he used to ride bulls and bucking broncs in rodeos across the country. Interestingly, however, despite his skill and passion for equine, he shared on “The Official Yellowstone Podcast,” with host and fellow series actor Jefferson White, that he actually did not enjoy riding the horses like he did the bulls.

In speaking to his experience, he said, “I was horrible because of my thought process of everything. I was so scared and nervous of it.”

If you’ve watched Mo on “Yellowstone,” it’s hard to imagine the actor and rancher nervous as Mo appears confident in nearly everything he does throughout the series.

He continued, “I rode bulls, and then eventually, I got scared of the bareback horses as well. And I just decided to stick with riding bulls, they weren’t as scary for me.”

Interestingly, riding bareback horses outside the realm of the rodeo poses no challenge for the beloved “Yellowstone” actor. The difference, he explained, is, “When it came to rodeo, those horses are bred differently. They know their job,”—which is essentially to buck as hard as possible.

Brings Plenty continued, “Where a ranch horse or a horse on a reservation, it’s different. Some of them buck pretty good and some of them buck extremely hard and some of them didn’t really buck at all.”

When you get right down to it, it appears that, just like with the elk, Mo Brings Plenty has too much respect for the rodeo horses, their power, and their job to put himself up to that kind of risk.