‘Yellowstone’ Star Mo Brings Plenty Gives Behind-Scenes Look at His Wife Making Season 4 Acting Debut

by Leanne Stahulak
Courtesy of Paramount Network.

This season on “Yellowstone,” Mo is quickly becoming a fan favorite. Especially after we saw a glimpse into his home life during an earlier episode.

Turns out, the wife and son who made an appearance in Season 4 Episode 3 are star Mo Brings Plenty’s actual wife and son! Their names are Sara Ann and Jernyce, and they acted in a wholesome family breakfast scene early on in the “Yellowstone” episode.

Mo’s wife makes a paper bag lunch for Mo and his son, though Mo grumbles when he gets the peanut butter and jelly sandwich. He ends up switching for the roast beef sandwich with his son, and then he kisses his wife goodbye and heads out the door.

Earlier this week, the “Yellowstone” star shared that this was his family’s first time acting. He posted a cool behind-the-scenes photo of his wife, Sara Ann, as she prepped for the brief scene.

“My wife, Sara Ann, getting mic’d up before her television acting debut in Season 4, Episode 3 (‘All I See Is You’) of ‘Yellowstone,'” Mo Brings Plenty wrote on Instagram. Check out the cool pics in the post below.

Several fans really appreciated the fact that the “Yellowstone” star go to interact with his real family on the show. It brought a sense of authenticity to the scene, and it just made us fall in love with Mo’s character that much more (not to mention Mo Brings Plenty himself).

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Talk Appreciation for Mo and his Family

When “Yellowstone” Season 4 Episode 3 aired, the show’s official Twitter account shared the tidbit about Mo’s real family making an appearance in the show. This caused fans to sound off with their support for the family and wholesome scene.

“My love for Mo grows every episode,” one fan named Lena commented on the post.

“Mo is Yellowstone’s most underrated character,” another fan said.

Eileen wrote, “That’s awesome! Beautiful family.”

And another fan said, “Mo Brings Plenty is one of my favorite characters on the show! So glad to see him this season.”

This truly might be the most we’ve seen of Mo in a “Yellowstone” season, and we’re barely halfway through. He played a huge role in the first half of Season 4 when someone involved in the Dutton attacks blabbed at Thomas Rainwater’s casino. Mo took care of the perp and got information out of him about the attacks.

Coincidentally, the scene with Mo’s family ties into him bringing that roast beef sandwich to the perp, who’s tied up in his barn. Since Mo dropped the perp off to John Dutton, we’ve only seen him once, in a scene with Tate and Monica. Hopefully, there are more Mo moments to come in later episodes.