‘Yellowstone’ Star Mo Brings Plenty Had Lofty Dreams Growing Up

by Joe Rutland

Having dreams is a good thing and Yellowstone star Mo Brings Plenty had a number of lofty ones while growing up as a young man.

On the show, Mo plays the driver for Rainwater, played by Gil Birmingham. Both actors stopped by The Official Yellowstone Podcast to chat with their co-star and podcast host Jefferson White. Mo talks about those dreams.

“I was born and raised on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota,” he says. “I’m tribally enrolled on the Cheyenne River Reservation, which is also another band or a subgroup of the Great Lakota Nation.”

‘Yellowstone’ Actor Dreamed Of Being World Champion Bull Rider

Mo says he “grew up going to school, rode horses a lot. My dream when I was a kid was to be…I had several dreams. One of them was to be a world champion bull rider. That didn’t last long. The second was to be an Olympic runner. I wanted to be another Billy Mills but, of course, got into riding bulls so the needs didn’t hold up for running.

“But I also wanted to be a math teacher, which is kind of crazy but I love math,” Mo says. “And, of course, a fighter pilot through the Marine Corps and none of those ever worked out.”

One thing, for sure, worked out in his favor and that was acting. He has been a part of the Taylor Sheridan-created Western drama since Season 1. Before starting to chat with White, the Jimmy Hurdstrom actor (White) mentioned that Mo had been on that long.

Mo Will Be Ready To Join Co-Stars When Season 5 Rolls Around

It looks like Mo and Rainwater probably will have a lot to do when Season 5 rolls around. Oh, in case you did not hear, the Paramount Network has given the go-ahead for Kevin Costner and company to shoot new episodes.

Yellowstone is still a popular show and spinoffs are on the air already and coming up. One more Mo story, though. He talks about the time that he rode a buffalo.

“I was crazy enough to do whatever,” Mo says. “I even rode a buffalo once. And I couldn’t believe I did it afterward. But my cousins, they were like, ‘Oh you’re too scared to do it.’ And so I jumped on.

“And I had a death grip on him, I think my toenails – my toenails were like a cat,” he says. “The buffalo started shaking and I didn’t know how I was going to get off. And so I just jumped off and he just stood there and watched me and I was like ‘Thank you for not chasing me.’ So I can say I rode a buffalo.”