‘Yellowstone’ Star Mo Brings Plenty Has a Direct Descendant From Sitting Bull’s Horses

by Thad Mitchell

When he isn’t on the set filming his hit television show “Yellowstone,” Mo Brings Plenty can be found living out a real version of the series.

The Native American actor who stars as “Mo” on “Yellowstone” owns a huge cattle ranch. Brings Plenty is fully immersed in cowboy culture and prefers to spend his time on horseback. The rancher-turned-actor has a true love for the four-legged beast that he’s been cultivating since his youth. He and horse “Zorro” spend their days wrangling up cattle and living the great outdoors life. In a recent appearance on The Official Yellowstone Podcast, Brings Plenty tells host Jefferson White an interesting fact about one of his horses. One of his stallions is a direct descendent of a horse owned by Hunkpapa Lakota leader Sitting Bull.

“We have a horse that is a direct descendent from Sitting Bull’s original herd of horses,” he says. “The moment that I rode him — I wept. I’m not going to lie. I shed tears because for the first time in my life I felt like there was a huge void that finally filled up. It made me realize that his ancestors carried my ancestors. They were torn apart and now here we are back together.”

White was blown away by his “Yellowstone” co-stars words, calling them “beautiful” and an incredible image.

Brings Plenty often shares photos of his horses with fans on social media. In his latest post, he and Zorro made the rounds on a snowy day to check in on the cattle.

“The ladies and me working through the cold and snow this week,” he says. “Zorro and me are happy guys when are outside doing what we do, no matter the weather.”

‘Yellowstone’ Star Mo Brings Plenty Talks Horse Love

It is clear from his conversation with White that Brings Plenty’s horses also hold a special place in his heart. He is one of just a few actors who has previously worked with horses before joining the “Yellowstone” cast. Forrie J. Smith (Lloyd) and Hassie Harrison (Laramie) are two other “Yellowstone” stars also familiar with the cowboy culture. Brings Plenty was introduced to the western way of life at a very young age.

“The horse thing and how it evolved was just I didn’t want to have to walk so far,” he says. “Our closest neighbor was a mile and a half away. So, I just decided to start riding horses at a very young age. My father and uncles were also instrumental and that.”

As any equestrian enthusiast will tell you, horses will win over your heart real quick. That certainly appears to be the case for this “Yellowstone” star and his four-legged friends.