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‘Yellowstone’ Star Mo Brings Plenty Leads Incredible Cattle Drive in New Ranch Pics, Videos

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

Of all the stars dotting the cast of “Yellowstone,” there is perhaps none more authentic than Mo Brings Plenty.

A Native American and real deal cattle rancher, Mo Brings Plenty brings plenty of cowboy grit to the show. On Yellowstone, Brings Plenty plays Mo, a member of the nearby Broken Rock Native American Tribe. He is an advisor, enforcer and the driver for tribe leader Thomas Rainwater.

We have seen Rainwater seek Mo’s input on various subjects throughout the show’s three seasons. We have also seen just how capable Mo is as an enforcer and assassin for Rainwater and the people of the Broken Rock Tribe. He is kind of like Rainwater’s Rip Wheeler — though not the big and burly tough guy that Rip is. Mo relies on his immense skill level to take on his boss’s commands. We all remember the scene in which Mo takes a serial attacker after the attacker is lured in by Monica. It goes to show “Yellowstone” viewers just what value Mo brings to his tribe and to the show.

Brings Plenty adds a great deal of authenticity to the “Yellowstone” lineup as a legit cattle rancher. When he isn’t on the show’s set, the actor turns cowboy on his own ranch. He’s often spoken about his love of animals and the joy he gets from herding cattle. His social media pages are full of pics and videos of his latest ranching adventures. On Sunday he put out a couple of photos and a short clip of the day’s work on his Instagram page.

It’s all in day’s work for Mo Brings Plenty and his team of cowboys.

‘Yellowstone’ Star Mo Brings Plenty Wrangles Up Cattle

As he says in his social media post, Brings Plenty knows it’s a beautiful day for the ranching life. The “Yellowstone” actor goes in-depth about the cattle wrangling process in his post.

“I got back from a history-making trip to Italy and wasted no time getting back out there,” he says. “We spent today on our most favorite mode of transportation, our horses. Doing what we love, working and moving cattle. It was a beautiful day.”

He also explains that his recent trip to Italy was a success and he could post more on that at a later time.

“I thought I would have time to post while we were in Italy to share what we were doing there, but we had an action-packed schedule that kept us on the move,” he says. “It was a good trip, and I’ll start posting about it in the next day or so when I’m not moving cattle.”

Mo Brings Plenty and the rest of the “Yellowstone” stars will return on November 7 when the new season premieres.