‘Yellowstone’ Star Mo Brings Plenty Poses with His ‘Special Relative’ Hito

by Jon D. B.

The Yellowstone icon and horsemaster‘s latest share features Hito a.k.a. Roany, a horse so special to him that “it is too much for one post.”

“This is Hito, but I call him Roany,” Brings Plenty begins via Instagram Wednesday. For Yellowstone fans, he is Mo – conscience and right hand man and to Gil Birmingham’s Thomas Rainwater. But in his day to day, the icon is a true horsemaster. We’ve covered quite a bit of Brings Plenty’s beautiful steeds here on Outsider, like his enormous brother Zorro (more on him below).

But today, the spotlight is on Roany, as Mo calls him. “For many reasons he is a special relative — I will share those reasons one day,” he continues. For now, however, “it is too much for one post.”

Color us intrigued! And Roany is, as fan Janell replies, “so gorgeous!” Check out Mo Brings Plenty’s latest portrait with one of his beloved horses for yourself below, courtesy of his Instagram:

“I love buckskins and roans, raised many horses and they always had something extra about them,” comments Yellowstone fan and fellow equine enthusiast Beth.

As Beth (no, not that Beth, sorry) points out, Brings Plenty calls his dear relative “Roany” due to the coloration of his coat, i.e. “roans,” as she mentions. A roan is a horse coat color pattern that holds an even mixture between white and colored hair growth. The result is a beautiful, distinctive marbled coloration, like Roany above.

The marbling typically only occurs on the torso. The head, legs, mane, tail, and muzzle are usually a solid color. In Roany’s case, that color is close to a “buckskin,” as Yellowstone fan Beth also points out.

‘Yellowstone’s Mo Brings Plenty of Horses

In another of our favorite equine posts from Brings Plenty, the Yellowstone actor is “Hang’n out with my boy Zorro!”

Within, Brings Plenty shares a fantastic photo for reference, and Zorro is, as Mo says, “a BIG boy!” HUGE, in fact.

“When someone wants a picture, I have to tell them to hold up while I find something to stand on,” Mo captions the photo, which you can view in full here. Makes sense, right? Horses can be enormous creatures, especially particular breeds like Shires and Clydesdales.

But then it hits you. Check out that photo – Zorro cannot be that big, can he? Yet he is! His head is the same size as Brings Plenty’s torso. And Mo is no small man!

“If I don’t stand on something, they get a picture of Zorrow’s head and only the top my face and/or hat,” the Yellowstone actor and horsemaster continues. “And, if they get my entire head they only get the lower half of his face and/or chin.”

And don’t forget to mark your calendars for November 7. Mo Brings Plenty will return for Season 4 of Yellowstone that Sunday.