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‘Yellowstone’ Star Mo Brings Plenty Posts Glorious Horseback Video While ‘Ridin’ in the Rain’

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

Like many of his fellow “Yellowstone” castmates, Mo Brings Plenty is no stranger to a saddle and it shows on the hit Paramount Network series.

On “Yellowstone,” Mo Brings Plenty plays “Mo,” an advisor to Native American Tribal Chief Thomas Rainwater. In addition to being one of his top advisors, Mo is also Rainwater’s driver and also acts as an enforcer for the chief. Mo brings much value to the Broken Rock Tribe as he is very capable in a variety of roles. “Yellowstone” watchers have likely noticed just how comfortable Brings Plenty is when in character. This is because the Native American has plenty of experience in the ranching life.

With “Yellowstone” currently on an extended hiatus, Brings Plenty and his castmates are enjoying some downtime. Also like his castmates, he is using social media to engage and interact with fans of the Modern Western drama. On Monday, he took to Instagram to share a short video of his latest horseback trip. The excursion was dampened by rain but it doesn’t seem to bother the horses of their riders at all.

“This weekend: riding in the rain and we love it,” he says in the post’s caption space.

The video clip shows Bring Plenty and a couple of others out for an enjoyable ride amongst the beautiful scenery. This group clearly isn’t going to let a little rain spoil their weekend fun.

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Want More Mo in Season Four

Numerous “Yellowstone” fans chime in to thank the actor for sharing his latest adventures with his social media followers and fans. Some fans say they wish they could be there to ride along with the “Yellowstone” star. Judging from this video and other posts on his social media pages, it is safe to say that Brings Plenty and his family have a strong love for horses.

Since his introduction on “Yellowstone” in season one, Mo has become an increasingly popular fan favorite. He is very loyal to Rainwater and to his Broken Rock Tribe and seems to favor peaceful resolutions instead of violence. Make no mistake though, Mo can more than hold his own if push comes to shove.

Fans are excited to see what the fourth season of ‘Yellowstone” brings for Mo. Some fans are even clamoring for the Native American actor to get more air time and a bigger storyline. You will get no argument from us on either of those two suggestions.

It has been suggested that perhaps Mo will team up with “Yellowstone” foreman and Dutton Family enforcer Rip Wheeler. The theory states that the bada** duo will come together to take down the entity behind the Dutton family attacks. Talk about a formidable duo. To this idea, we say “yes, yes and more yes!”