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‘Yellowstone’ Star Mo Brings Plenty Puts Ranch Skills on Display: ‘Life Is Good’

by Jon D. B.
Mo Brings Plenty as Mo in Yellowstone Season 4. (Photo Credit: Paramount Network Press)

Yellowstone‘s own Mo Brings Plenty is an icon for many reasons, one being his daily life as a ranching pioneer. “Life is good,” indeed.

Few bring the same gravitas and sense of storied history to Yellowstone as Mo Brings Plenty. The actor, activist, and rancher plays a take-no-prisoners version of himself as Mo on the show, but is a true Western gentleman offscreen.

“I’m out here with a fence and some tools listening to the birds singing their songs to the whistling wind,” Brings Plenty captions his latest Instagram post. Adding a “Life is good,” Mo shows the hard work it takes to run a ranch, where even the most simple of tasks can result in saving the lives of cattle (and thousands of dollars in income).

In his photo, Brings Plenty showcases the tools necessary to repair a barbwire fence. It can be done without said tools, but having the know-how and proper equipment turns a 1-hour ordeal into a 5-minute spot fix.

As fellow fan Brad replies: “The real life Yellowstone right here!”

“Ahhh the wide open spaces! Sets your spirit free and reinvigorates the soul,” comments Yellowstone fan Trevor.

But it’s follower Ryan who sums it up perfectly with: “Hard work is almost always peaceful.” True words, right there. Especially on a ranch.

From Hard Work to Representation, ‘Yellowstone’s Mo Brings Plenty Shines Bright

Indeed, Brings Plenty is a gentleman worth following beyond Mo on Yellowstone. Speaking to NewsNation Now during Season 4, the actor gave a proper look at the importance of the show’s thoughtful, sincere Native American representation.

“In society today, there’s a racial diversity, there’s a great movement for it. But we need to also incorporate the cultural diversity, which is going to be the savior of humanity,” Brings Plenty began. “The representation of [cultural diversity] in front of the camera, it’s not just an important part, it’s the representation off-camera as well in everyday life.” 

For Mo himself, this translates into “incorporating it and put it into action. That’s the most important language in our culture’s movement. It’s the language of action. And so we really incorporate our language and action.”

Brings Plenty is of the Lakota people and saw this in action first-hand when Season 4 brought their Hanbleceya tradition to the screen. Both Mo and Thomas Rainwater guide Kayce Dutton through this spiritual journey, or vision quest, in the final episodes of Season 4 to brilliant effect.

“On that ride there for me emotionally, I was really going to that, what we consider a sacred place,” Brings Plenty adds in Yellowstones most recent Behind the Story. “It’s spot on. There’s a true battle that goes on within us. That place is where we begin to find ourselves.”