‘Yellowstone’ Star Mo Brings Plenty Recalls the Time He Rode a Buffalo

by Courtney Blackann

The boys on the “Yellowstone” ranch are pretty rowdy. And they’re usually up for anything in order to entertain themselves. If you recall, there’s an episode where the Bunkhouse Boys gather outside the barn in order to wrangle and ride some buffalos. But it may surprise fans to learn that actor Mo Brings Plenty actually once rode a buffalo during a rodeo.

In the episode where the cowboys dare each other to ride a buffalo, there’s a high adrenaline moment as they see who’ll actually try it and who will chicken out. And if you think about it, riding a buffalo would be a lot more intimidating than going bareback on a horse. They’re more difficult to ride because of their shape – so there’s no shortage of a challenge in the act.

Mo Brings Plenty Says He Was Encouraged to Get on Buffalo

But Mo Brings Plenty has been riding in rodeos a long time. He’s not new to the industry by any means. And while he wasn’t a part of that particular “Yellowstone” scene, he was doing it in real life.

Speaking in an interview with Jefferson White on the Yellowstone Official Podcast, Mo describes the time he rode a buffalo in a rodeo.

“I was crazy enough to do whatever. I even rode a buffalo once. And I couldn’t believe I did it afterwards. But my cousins, they were like, ‘Oh you’re too scared to do it.’ And so I jumped on. And I had a death grip on him, I think my toenails – my toenails were like a cat. The buffalo started shaking and I didn’t know how I was going to get off. And so i just jumped off and he just stood there and watched me and I was like ‘Thank you for not chasing me.’ So I can say I rode a buffalo,” Mo laughs.

Too bad there isn’t a video of that! The moment the “Yellowstone” actor did this would have made for a viral social post for sure.

Other “Yellowstone” Characters Have Pasts in Rodeo

And the cool thing about all these “Yellowstone” characters is that many of them have backgrounds in the rodeo or working on a ranch. Sam Elliott and Ryan Bingham also have years of experience in their pasts coming from the rodeo circuit.

A press release about Bingham’s upcoming music shows shared his early life growing up on ranches in Texas.

“He grew up in the West Texas oil fields, then spent time as a teenage rodeo cowboy in towns all across the state. Along the way, he absorbed the Cajun culture of western Louisiana, the hardcore hip-hop favored by his Houston friends, and the border songs of the Mexican immigrants. Until he moved to California in 2007, he never lived in any one place for more than two years…” the release states.

Further, Bingham shares how his musical past also aids writing songs on set of “Yellowstone.” Since his music and songwriting are a big part of his character Walker, the actor says developing the right music for the scenes is something he really takes seriously.

“Even from the very beginning, when I first started writing songs, like I would close my eyes and I could visualize something,” Bingham said. “And writing a song was really like kind of just describing what I was seeing in my mind, you know? And so to have a TV show, where like I have the visuals in front of me, and I can see it… It kind of makes my mind go crazy with ideas and things to write about. And not even to speak of like the emotional part of it, as well. So it’s pretty interesting.”