‘Yellowstone’ Star Mo Brings Plenty Talks Managing Sterling Ranch and ‘Staying in Touch’ With Where He Comes From

by Caitlin Berard
(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Paramount Network)

In the words of Cowboys & Indians Magazine’s Joe Leydon, “Some people play cowboys, and some people are cowboys.” And while he works with plenty of actors who simply play cowboys, then go home to their normal lives, Mo Brings Plenty falls firmly into the latter category. In fact, when he’s not filming episodes of Yellowstone, you can find Mo Brings Plenty on his ranch in Kansas.

“The way the state line runs, part of it’s in Kansas and the other part of it’s in Missouri,” Mo says. “[The state line] just splits right down the middle of it. It’s called The Sterling Ranch. I manage it in between acting and this is what I do in my off time. It keeps me grounded. It helps me stay in touch with where I come from and what I’ve been taught and what know in life.”

Some people find hard work relaxing. And though interviewer Joe Leydon isn’t one of those people, he suspected Mo Brings Plenty was – and he was correct. “I do, I really do,” Mo said. “It’s calming and again, it’s kind of my place of serenity. When you have cattle [and] horses doing their thing…I mean, it’s peace. It’s heaven on earth for me. And it is time consuming.”

Mo Brings Plenty Takes a Break From Ranch Work to Discuss Environmental Issues

Though his Sterling Ranch is among the most important things in his life, Mo Brings Plenty also holds a deep passion for caring for the earth as a whole. Because of this, when he saw litter on the beach, he didn’t hesitate to draw attention to the environmental issue, despite the knowledge that doing so could ruffle more than a few feathers.

Beneath of picture of the litter mixed with ocean debris posted to his Instagram, Mo Brings Plenty wrote an impassioned message to his followers about the importance of considering the health of the earth, even in the most difficult times.

“Some people aren’t going to like what I am about to say,” Mo Brings Plenty begins. “But I think it needs to be said. The releasing of balloons in memory of those who have passed or to send them a message don’t reach them in heaven.”

“Nope. Instead they come back down to the surface and take innocent lives. It is unnecessary,” Mo continues. “Please find other ways to memorialize your loved ones; ways that don’t take the innocent lives of our sea creatures and wildlife.”

Perhaps to his surprise, followers of the Yellowstone star agreed with him wholeheartedly. One wrote, “I cringe every time I hear there’s going to be a balloon release and I reach out to them and beg them not to do it.” Another said, “Everyone needs to know this. Thanks Mo.”