‘Yellowstone’ Star Mo Brings Plenty Talks Rehabilitating Horses as Part of Animal Initiative

by TK Sanders

Yellowstone actor and Native American activist Mo Brings Plenty revealed in an interview this Spring that he’s trying to reinvigorate a culture of horses in some tribes he works with closely. Men once relied on horses for all aspects of daily work, travel, and hunting. Now that machines have largely replaced the need for the majestic animals in everyday life, some cultures that once especially coveted the bond between man and beast want to reintroduce that special connection into their communities somehow.

When asked about his involvement in the revitalization of horse culture, Mo keyed in specifically on the idea of communities that once flourished thanks to horses.

“[The work is] not just about horses but about revitalizing the horse culture within,” Mo commented on the Cowboys and Indians podcast. “Some of the tribes came from a horse culture but no longer have that opportunity.”

Mo then keyed in on a specific tribe and explained how he intended to support the people with his initiatives, not suffocate it.

“Let’s take the Comanche for example,” he explained. “At one time the Comanche people had a very strong horse culture. So I worked with some very good friends to bring back that aspect of their culture. I was just supporting them. They knew exactly what they wanted to do. And they knew how it needs to be done; so I was just a part of the process.”

Mo Brings Plenty wants to revitalize Native American communities through a wide range of services, from horses to acting

Mo then outlined that the only thing that stood in their way was an existential threat in the form of COVID-19.

“We took horses to them to get everything started; and as soon as we got things rocking and rolling, the pandemic hit,” he said. “And so it really shut us down just for the safety of the elders in their community. Their knowledge and understanding is very important and we need them around for a long time.”

Yellowstone fans certainly want Mo around for a long time, too. His role is helping knock down doors for Native American actors and entertainers looking for representation in a very tough town like Hollywood.

“[I want] to flat out just rip the doors down and make more opportunities for Indian country to be involved in [entertainment],” Mo said in a more recent interview. “For a kid who grew up on a reservation, it’s exciting. And I’m just thankful for all of the fans, Yellowstone, and the folks that love Yellowstone.”

And to think, Mo Brings Plenty was about to hang up his acting spurs and ride his horses into the sunset before Taylor Sheridan called and changed his life.

“Just before I took the role, I was contemplating if I was going to step away from this anymore. In fact, I talked to my family and told them what I had in mind, and that I was done with [acting],” he revealed. “I called my agent, and my family and my agent said, ‘Let’s just finish up the year. See what happens.’ And then Yellowstone came about.”