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‘Yellowstone’ Star Mo Brings Plenty Wishes ‘Brother’ Luke Grimes Happy Birthday with Horseback Photo

by Courtney Blackann
(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Paramount Network)

Kayce Dutton is one year older! The “Yellowstone” actor Luke Grimes had a birthday and many of his fellow castmates wished him well for it. This includes none other than Mo Brings Plenty.

In a post on Instagram, Mo paid tribute his fellow cowboy with an epic photo of the two on horseback while filming. The scene is gorgeously stunning, in the hills of Montana.

“Happy Birthday, Brother! @lukegrimes” Mo captioned the photo. Many fans were quick to also wish the youngest Dutton brother a very happy birthday.

The actor turned 38 on January 21. And he looks absolutely fantastic. We hope he had an amazing day full of friends, family and maybe a little cowboy rowdiness. Happy Birthday, Luke!

“Yellowstone” Cast on Working with Luke Grimes

And while Kayce is going through it on the latest season of “Yellowstone,” his cast members praise him for his work ethic and leadership.

Most recently, Ian Bohen, who plays Ryan on the series, said working with Luke Grimes was something really special. The actor hailed his co-star for being a leader both on and off-screen and said he takes a careful approach to playing Kayce.

“First off, Luke is incredibly pensive and ethereal and a thoughtful man. And he’s a joy to be around and I feel like we’re always complimenting each other in terms of like ‘what are we doing in life?’ He’s a philosophical dude, so I love hanging out with him. It’s a treat to do scenes outside the bunkhouse with a new character who has a new dynamic, you know, someone from the family.,” Bohen says.

He also goes on to add of his “Yellowstone” co-worker:

“And it makes Ryan sort of feel good to be on an equal playing field with him. You know we have great scenes. We have a really good time and it’s fun. Here’s what I like the best about it. Because my character doesn’t know him so much as well as I know him as a person. The character has to really listen and watch what he’s doing to take his cues from him because Ryan is looking for a lead from Kayce. And so as an actor it’s a really good time to try and be that attentive. And then the scenes become easy because the words just are there…”

Most recently, Kayce found himself on a vision quest, seeking guidance. He faces the pain of his past but also looks to his future. It’s unclear what that is, but Kayce must make a choice in order to move forward. Only season five will reveal what that may be.