‘Yellowstone’ TV: This Star From the Paramount Series Appeared in MTV’s ‘Catfish’

by Thad Mitchell

As the latest season of the hit television series Yellowstone draws closer each day, fans are surmising what’s in store for their favorite characters. But one Yellowstone fav actually got their start on the MTV reality show Catfish.

Ask a Yellowstone fan who their favorite character on the show is and you’ll likely hear the names John Dutton, Rip Wheeler, and Beth Dutton in response. A big reason for the show’s success is the actors behind the characters — making them jump off the screen. Hollywood heavyweights Kevin Costner, Cole Hauser, and Kelly Reilly are a major driving force of Yellowstone’s popularity.

An under the radar character starting to pick up steam in season three is Yellowstone Ranch hand Colby. The African American cowboy is played to perfection by actor Denim Richards. Though not yet a household name, Richards is turning Colby into a rising star on the Yellowstone Ranch. His upward trajectory was obvious toward the end of season three as Richards got more and more screen time. His role is likely to continue growing in the upcoming season.

Though he isn’t exactly a Hollywood rookie, Denim is in the process of growing his brand. He’s been a professional actor for a decade with Yellowstone being his biggest gig to date. What you may not know about Richards is he once appeared on the MTV reality show, “Catfish: The TV Show.” The show examines online relationships in an attempt to reveal if someone is lying about their actual identity.

No, Richards is not guilty of “catfishing” nor is he a victim of a catfish. He serves in a reenactment in a 2015 episode of the show called “Catfish: Untold Stories,” in which he plays Mike. It’s a small part in the MTV show for the Yellowstone actor but one that got his name out.

Yellowstone Faithful Hope For More of Denim Richards

Yellowstone fans would certainly love to see Colby’s role on the ranch expand and it seems to be heading in that direction.

One of the more fascinating subplots of Season Three was the budding romance between Colby and Teeter. Though initially hesitant, Colby recognizes his feelings for his fellow female ranch hand and the two share a kiss. The unorthodox romance is a storyline we all want to continue in season four.

Season Three also saw Colby earn his Yellowstone brand as he steps into the brotherhood of the bunkhouse. Rip Wheeler bestows the “Y” brand onto Colby and Teeter after participating in the murder of Wade Morrow.

Denim Richards will also be starring in a new movie in the near future. He will play Jack Brown in the upcoming film “The Chickasaw Rancher.”