‘Yellowstone’ Star Piper Perabo Describes Bizarre Experience of Approaching Dutton Ranch for First Time

by Lauren Boisvert
(Photo by Emma McIntyre/WireImage)

Piper Perabo joined the “Yellowstone” cast in season 4 as Summer Higgins, a dedicated animal rights activist who’s on the verge of a tentative truce with the Duttons. In conversation with ScreenRant, Perabo spoke about her experiences joining the wildly successful show, diving deep into her character’s motivations and ideologies. She also spoke about her experience seeing the Dutton ranch set for the first time, and spoke about the intricacies of the set.

When asked what it’s like to be on the “Yellowstone” set, Perabo answered, “It’s really cool. I felt like I understood the geography of the ranch from watching the show. It’s so bizarre when you first drive up the road that comes to the ranch because you can’t see the barn. You go over a hill before you come up where the other buildings are. And so from the road, can’t really see anything.”

It’s possible the “Yellowstone” set was built strategically so things can’t be seen from the road, to discourage passersby from peeking at what’s going on. Or the hill could have been an aesthetic choice for the set. Either way, it makes for a dramatic entrance.

Perabo continued, “As I came up the road, I thought, ‘It’s gonna be all spaced out in a weird way that you can’t understand.’ That’s how film is when you show on a film set: the kitchen set is next to the prison set, and it’s all crazy. But what’s crazy about driving onto the ranch is that it’s all real. It’s real, and they play it real. You can walk from the horse stalls over to the bunkhouse and then walk up to John’s house. And it’s amazing to see it all there for real.”

‘Yellowstone’: Piper Perabo Talks Summer and the Duttons

Last week, “Yellowstone” season 4 episode 5 aired on Paramount, titled “Under a Blanket of Red.” Fitting title, considering a bunch of animal rights activists were drenching themselves in fake blood outside of the Livestock Commission building.

Kayce came in guns drawn, which made matters much worse, and he had to call in John to take care of things. John singled out Piper Perabo’s Summer Higgins as the instigator and leader of the group; he later took her on a tour of the Dutton ranch and they shared their stories. Could this be the start of a weird, beautiful friendship? They do have a common enemy in Market Equities. Teaming up may just be the right way to go.

Piper Perabo spoke with ScreenRant about John and Summer’s dynamic on “Yellowstone”, and how it’s possible they want the same thing. “What’s incredible about Summer’s relationship with John is that, actually, John and Summer both care about the conservation of the land,” said Perabo. “And I think John sees that even before Summer does, that they have this sort of common goal. So that’s what brings them together at the start. And I think his deeper understanding and appreciation for protecting the land starts to open her eyes to a bigger picture.”