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‘Yellowstone’ Star Piper Perabo Gives Advice to Anyone Arrested for Protesting Civil Rights Issues

by Lauren Boisvert
(Photo by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic)

“Yellowstone” star Piper Perabo is more than just a great actress; she’s also an avid activist and works to prevent injustices in our communities. She attends protests, meetings, and rallies, and lends her voice to the crowd. She also sometimes gets arrested. And, like any public figure, she has advice for anyone who finds themselves in the same situation.

In conversation with Schön!, Perabo spoke about what people can do to stand up for a cause and get their voices heard. “Peaceful civil disobedience is a tool for making your voice heard; it’s not where you start, but sometimes it must be done.”

She then spoke about her own experience being arrested. “I was very intentional and peaceful when I was arrested,” she said. “There were many people with me, and we had worked for a long time to be heard in many ways. In the end we protested, with a plan going in and a way to look out for one another.”

Perabo outlined what it’s like planning a peaceful protest, and highlighted the fact that it’s not a split second decision. “Civil disobedience is not rash,” she said, “it’s a calm, serious choice. I know there are trainings on civil disobedience — go to one and learn more. It’s still a little scary, but knowledge is power.”

As with all things, it’s important to be as educated as possible before jumping into something. Even if you think you know it all, there’s always more to learn, especially about civil rights and social causes. Piper Perabo hit the nail on the head in her statement above: knowledge is power.

‘Yellowstone’ Fans are Ecstatic About News of Season 5

In “Yellowstone” news, we’ve had word recently that there is indeed a season 5 in the works, and fans are freaking out. They took to Reddit to celebrate their favorite show, as well as discuss what could happen next.

“Given [its] ratings, this was a foregone conclusion,” wrote one fan. “Season 4 wasn’t great, but I still have faith that Taylor can turn it around. Hopefully he takes some of the criticism to heart… I think his attention was too divided in season 4. Hopefully that will change.”

Another fan considered it obvious that “Yellowstone” would get renewed. “That was a no brainer,” they wrote. “Did they actually have to think about it??”

As for what fans want out of season 5, I’d say basically more attention on the Duttons and less on Four-Sixes and “1883.” That was the general consensus from season 4, anyway. Specifically, one fan posted, “I hope season 5 is when Jaimie finally grows a set. And outsmarts Beth. She plays the heel so great. I’m dying to see her get whats coming to her.”

Overall, fans agreed that there’s “more to love about Yellowstone than there is to dislike.”