‘Yellowstone’ Star Piper Perabo Says John and Summer Have a ‘Common Goal’

by John Jamison

John Dutton and Summer Higgins might be the unlikeliest friendship west of the Mississippi. Could it be something more than friendship eventually? Well, opposites have been known to attract. We first encountered Piper Perabo’s animal rights activist at a fake blood-soaked protest on last week’s Season 4 episode of Yellowstone, “Under a Blanket of Red.”

Tonight, we’ll (hopefully) see her eyes opened to the reality of ranching life in Montana. Might Summer and John even find some common ground? The Summer actor says absolutely.

It’s hard to believe on the surface, considering the tense situation in which Summer and John met. Poor Kayce was making mountains out of molehills, drawing his gun on the crowd of protesters armed with phone cameras. At a loss, he called in the big guns. John Dutton arrived on the scene and quickly identified the activists’ ringleader. Who else but Season 4 Yellowstone cast addition Piper Perabo? What’s her character’s problem, anyway?

Well, as she so plainly put it, a “state-sponsored police force that protects industrialized animal farming and the mass murder of millions of animals every year.”

You’re barking up the wrong tree, Summer. At least, that was our initial impression. John did decide to lock the rabble-rousers up, after all. But maybe, in some strange roundabout way, Summer was actually preaching to the choir?

“What’s incredible about Summer’s relationship with John is that, actually, John and Summer both care about the conservation of the land. And I think John sees that even before Summer does, that they have this sort of common goal. So that’s what brings them together at the start. And I think his deeper understanding and appreciation for protecting the land starts to open her eyes to a bigger picture,” Perabo told ScreenRant.

John Dutton Isn’t in It for the Money, in Case You Forgot

With all of the threats posed by money-hungry land developers over the years, it can be easy to overlook John Dutton’s motivation for protecting the Yellowstone. It’s not like his cattle ranching is making him a fortune. It’s a thin-margin business at that scale.

Of course, he made a promise to his father that he’d protect the ranch. But ranching is his way of life, and it always has been. There’s hardly a profession that can give someone a more intimate understanding of nature.

Piper Perabo Said Her Character Was Mistaken When She Was Introduced on ‘Yellowstone’

What are the chances anyone in that crowd of protesters ever worked a ranch or farm a day in their life? Not great. Piper Perabo admitted that Summer was woefully under-researched when she organized the protest in the first place.

“Summer is not from Montana. She comes to this place to protest with not a lot of knowledge about ranching and its history. And personally, I think that’s a mistake. When you go into a community, it’s so important that you know and understand the community and understand the dynamics that are working there,” Perabo said in the interview.