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‘Yellowstone’ Star Piper Perabo Sends Inspiring Self-Care Message: ‘Be Gentle to Yourself’

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo by Emma McIntyre/WireImage)

We have yet to see the debut of Piper Perabo’s “Yellowstone” character but the wait could come to an end with this Sunday’s episode.

You may recognize Piper Perabo from the hit films “Looper” and “Coyote Ugly” among many more film and television appearances. She is also quite active on social media and appears to be excited for “Yellowstone” fans to meet her character. On Friday, Perabo took to social media to encourage fans and followers to make time for themselves. She shares a little poem that is meant to motivate and inspire people to remember how important self-care really is.

“I’m so glad you’re here,” she writes. “I’m so glad you’re here, making it through another year. Remember when “the end of this year” seemed so far away? Remember when you weren’t sure what to expect of what would become of today? Of course, there are still unknowns here, and at the same time, you are here, too. And it’s so beautiful to see how through it all, you’re still growing how you were meant to. Be gentle to yourself today. You’ve come the longest way. You’re free to take the deepest breath. This story isn’t over yet. Through your mountains, your valleys, your laments, your laughter, no matter where you are on this landscape, your presence matters. So glad you’re here.”

Great words there by the “Yellowstone” actress and certainly ones we can all use.

“Wherever you are on this day, I hope you know you are worthy of taking deep breaths and it’s so good that you’re here, in this earth, in this very moment,” she continues in the post. “You are loved.”

‘Yellowstone’ Star Piper Perabo Might Make Debut in Next Episode

Perabo, a veteran actress with numerous credits to her name, is playing environmental activist Summer Higgins in season four.

In the latest teaser trailer put out by “Yellowstone,” it appears there is a protest of some sort going on. That should be the cue to bring us Perabo’s character to the front and center of the “Yellowstone” scene. Earlier this year, “Yellowstone” teases with a photo of Perabo’s Summer Higgins in handcuffs being led away by police officers. We don’t have a whole lot of information on Higgins other than it appears she is will be a trouble-maker. She is said to be in Montana to protest industrialized farming in the state. Will she be a friend or foe to the Dutton family? We hope to learn more about Summer Higgins in the next new episode.

There are plenty of other questions that we hope the next “Yellowstone” episode moves closer to answering.

We will find out this Sunday as “Yellowstone” airs its fifth episode of season four.