‘Yellowstone’ Star Reacts to Her Character Returning for Season 5

by Shelby Scott

Yellowstone fans know who to turn to to bring the drama each year—and that’s actress Kelly Reilly‘s Beth Dutton. However, on occasion, Beth sees some competition from another character, and that’s recurring star Q’orianka Kilcher’s Angela Blue Thunder. Kilcher made her Yellowstone debut as Blue Thunder during season three as a friend of Gil Birmingham’s Thomas Rainwater. Now, it has been confirmed that Kilcher’s character will return this season, and the actress has shared her excitement online.

Reacting to the news in a new post, Kilcher wrote, “Honored that Yellowstone is bringing back Angela Blue Thunder.”

Speaking about the upcoming season—which (finally) premieres on November 13th—she added, “This will be a good one.” She also shared the premiere date in her post.

Yellowstone fans, equally excited for the brand new season, flocked to the comments. There, they congratulated Q’orianka Kilcher on her return and shared their own excitement for the upcoming installment of the show.

“About damn time,” one fan wrote. Another added, “She’s back baby.”

One other Yellowstone fan humorously quipped, “Booom! Bring back the THUNDER!”

The season four finale was dripping with suspense. And as such, it will certainly be interesting to see what role Angela Blue Thunder plays when season five premieres.

Q’orianka Kilcher Facing Serious Fraud Charges Ahead of ‘Yellowstone’ Season Premiere

Season five of Yellowstone will be a busy one for Q’orianka Kilcher. And it’s not just due to her influential role within the fictional neo-Western. Aside from her acting gig, Kilcher is also facing some serious fraud charges and who better to defend the Angela Blue Thunder actress than Johnny Depp’s now-famous attorney, Camille Vasquez?

Vasquez took on the Yellowstone star’s fraud case just months after she won her famous client Johnny Depp a multi-million dollar victory over his ex-wife and fellow actor Amber Heard. Vasquez, seemingly setting her sights on the nation’s most public white-collar cases, plans to represent the Yellowstone star with the same vigor she did Depp.

In a statement with fellow attorney Steve Cook (another partner at Vasquez’s employer), the famed lawyer said, “We are determined to defend Ms. Kilcher in this important case which examines the inherent flaws in the disability compensation system. Ms. Kilcher is a well-respected and pioneering actress in Hollywood, and we intend to clear her name.”

The Yellowstone star originally came under fire in July when California’s Department of Insurance filed a complaint. The complaint claims the Angela Blue Thunder actress collected tens of thousands of dollars in disability benefits on account of inability to work but yet was supposedly still working on the set of Yellowstone. Kilcher began receiving benefits after she was involved in a car accident several years ago that left her “10% disabled” for the remainder of her life.