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‘Yellowstone’ Star Rob Kirkland Talks Moment He Knew He Was Part of the Inner Circle

by Leanne Stahulak
(Photo by Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images for for Paramount+)

Welcome to the “Yellowstone” family, Rob Kirkland. The actor joined the cast and crew more frequently for Season 4 of the hit Taylor Sheridan show. And we should expect to see even more of him in Season 5.

Rob Kirkland returned to “Yellowstone” as Bill Ramsey, former Commander and now Interim Sheriff. Based on his interactions with John Dutton at the end of Season 4, it’s safe to assume he’ll present new obstacles to John next season. And honestly, we’re here for it. It should prove interesting to see how John sizes up against an upstanding man of the law.

But before this character arc started for Bill Ramsey, Kirkland expected his time on “Yellowstone” to be one and done. He made a brief appearance in Season 2, but now he’s a more permanent member of the show’s family.

“Yeah, and I didn’t have to kill anybody to get into the ‘Sheridan mafia,'” Kirkland told Den of Geek with a laugh. “I’m pretty excited, pretty nervous. It’s an intense fan base, man. You don’t want to disappoint.”

Based on Kirkland’s performance so far, we doubt that’s possible. But it certainly sounds like Kirkland’s all on board for “Yellowstone” and Taylor Sheridan’s other projects. The “Sheridan Mafia” seems to encompass not just actors who star on “Yellowstone,” but who make appearances in Sheridan’s other shows too.

Like “Mayor of Kingstown” star Hugh Dillon. Fans originally knew Dillon as Sheriff Donnie Haskell on “Yellowstone,” but he died in Season 4. Which led the way for Kirkland’s character Ramsey to take his place. But Ramsey himself also stars in “Mayor of Kingstown” as Police Captain Walter.

When Den of Geek brought up how many stars crossover in Sheridan’s many shows, Kirkland said, “You know… they want to work with him again. Taylor’s a great guy.”

‘Yellowstone’ Star Rob Kirkland Reveals Phone Call He Got From Taylor Sheridan About Season 5

Bill Ramsey’s (Rob Kirkland) return to “Yellowstone” during Season 4 was one of many surprise character reappearances. Fans saw Avery (Tanaya Beatty) the ranch hand return, as well as Christina (Katherine Cunningham), Jamie’s pregnant girlfriend.

Kirkland explained to Den of Geek, though, how he heard the news that Ramsey would be back for Season 4 and 5.

“I got a call from Taylor. He told me after Season 2 that I would be back. He called me up and said, ‘There’s a new sheriff in town.’ So I kind of knew Ramsey would be back right then,” Kirkland explained.

We can’t wait to see this new sheriff tussle with John and the rest of the Duttons. And who knows, the other returning characters might be next season’s antagonists too. Avery could work to break up Kayce and Monica’s marriage. And Christina could challenge Beth and John for John’s chance at being the governor. We’ll have to wait and see how Season 5 pans out.