‘Yellowstone’ Star Ryan Bingham Explains Why He No Longer Writes Down His Songs

by Thad Mitchell

On the ever-popular modern western drama Yellowstone, actor Ryan Bingham plays trouble-making ranch hand, Walker.

Bingham plays Walker with much gusto, giving him plenty of layers despite being only a minor character. Walker often runs afoul of the rough and tough bunkhouse leader, Rip Wheeler. Once sentenced to a trip to the “train station,” Walker escapes certain death thanks to the pity of Kayce Dutton. Now back in the bunkhouse, the Walker and Rip dynamic is expected to be a big part of the show.

Walker can often be seen on the Yellowstone Ranch with a guitar in hand and a song coming from his mouth. Rip and Lloyd discover Walker is still alive when they find him playing at a small country bar. To the dismay of Rip, Kayce gives the singing cowboys yet another chance to right the ship.

‘Yellowstone’ Actor Doubles as a Successful Musician

The musically inclined Bingham was chosen to play the role of Walker in part because of his musical talents. As a singer and songwriter, Bingham incorporates multiple genres into his music. The 39-year-old has put out six studio albums and a live album. His most recent album, American Love Song, was released in 2019. In a recent podcast interview, Bingham talks about the process he takes in writing songs.

The Yellowstone actor says he used to write his songs down in a book but after having the book stolen, he no longer writes songs down.

“I have tried to be better about just so I have stuff written down,” he says. “But now with technology, you can record stuff so easily, like on your phone or whatever — you can get things down like that.”

Bingham then recalls his days of playing in honky tonk bars and other small venues. He says constantly being on the run forces singers to adapt their songwriting methods.

“I had this little book I’d write stuff down in,” he says. “I had so many things kind of taken away or stolen that just kind of quit hanging on to stuff and just roll with it.”

With Yellowstone set to return this summer, fans of the show hope to get more Ryan Bingham and his ranch-style tunes.