‘Yellowstone’ Star Ryan Bingham Files to Legally Change His Name: Report

by Lauren Boisvert

Actor and musician Ryan Bingham is headed to court to legally change his name once again. The “Yellowstone” star, who plays Walker on the show, has decided to change his name from Ryan Axster Bingham back to George Ryan Bingham. Why the change? Let’s take a look.

“Axster,” first of all, is Bingham’s ex-wife’s maiden name. He and Anna Axster married in 2009 and share three children. Bingham took his wife’s name instead of the other way around when they married. Now that the two are going through a divorce–filed in June 2021–Bingham has allegedly chosen to separate himself from every aspect of his ex.

Ryan Bingham Looks to Go Back to His Government Name After Split From Wife

In his petition to change his name, Ryan Bingham claimed, “I would like to go back to using my birth name.” No other reason is needed, according to the courts, when changing your name back to your birth name. Legally changing it to another name is a harder process, but since Ryan Bingham is reverting back to his government name, no other reason is required.

He will have to change his name on all legal documents, passports, and IDs, which I imagine is going to be quite a hassle. The other issue is, technically, more of a sentimentality problem than a real legal issue. But, Ryan Bingham and his three children all shared the middle name “Axster,” after his wife and their mother. When he changes his name, he’ll no longer be connected to them in that way. Though, the love a father has for his children is connection enough, I suppose, and names are just random collections of sounds if you really think about it.

Ryan Bingham and his ex-wife also started a record label together called Axster/Bingham. Three of Bingham’s most recent albums have been released under this label. If Bingham is separating himself from his ex-wife by changing his name, will he continue to release music under their record label? Currently, this is unknown.

Three ‘Yellowstone’ Stars Are Performing At Stagecoach Festival Next Year

That’s right, three “Yellowstone” stars are performing at Stagecoach Festival in California. And even better, they’re all performing on the same day. Ryan Bingham, Lainey Wilson, and newcomer to country music Luke Grimes are all going to perform on the last day of the festival, April 30, 2023.

The lineup is stacked along with the “Yellowstone” stars. Luke Bryan is headlining the first day, April 28, along with Riley Green and Jon Pardi. On the second day, April 29, Kane Brown headlines with Old Dominion and Gabby Barrett. On April 30, Chris Stapleton is in the top spot, with Brooks & Dunn, Parker McCollum, Tyler Childers, and Turnpike Troubadors.

This is just a taste of the lineup, of course. The rest of the performers are incredibly talented as well. Stagecoach Festival is surely going to be a weekend you don’t want to miss.