‘Yellowstone’ Star Ryan Bingham Pays Tribute to Montana With Awesome ‘Big Country Sky’ Video

by Blake Ells

Ryan Bingham is heading back to Yellowstone for season five this November. The musician turned actor is celebrating the home state of the series in a new video posted to Instagram. The video features a performance of “Big Country Sky” in front of a large outdoor audience. It also includes footage of scenic views of the state and Bingham spending time there. Check out the clip below.

“Here’s to you, Montana,” he captioned the post.

“Thank y’all for all your support for the local communities around here,” he says to the crowd to open the video. “I’m glad we could all come together to do this today.”

Ryan Bingham says he has new music on the way. It’s been three years since American Love Song, but he hints that the wait for the followup is nearly over. It seems that starring in Yellowstone will slow down the writing process. He’s been back at it, though.

“I’ve really been writing a lot,” he said. “I’ve got some stuff I’m hoping to finish up this summer and have out by the end of the year or next year; I’ve got a lot in the works.”

“A lot of fans have been asking for acoustic versions of my older songs that never came out,” he continued. “And so I’m going to just do some bootleg, stripped down, just me and guitar versions of all these older songs and start putting those out as well.”

The New Mexico native is now 41-years-old. He adds that he wrote a lot of his songs in his early 20s and that revisiting them is an emotional experience. We’re eager to hear what he has planned.

Ryan Bingham in 2022

Ryan Bingham has a pair of dates in New Braunfels over Labor Day weekend. You can get ticket information for those shows at his website. He’s at Whitewater Amphitheater on September 2 & 3. The next thing on his calendar is that season five premiere of Yellowstone. The next chapter begins on November 13 on Paramount.

He’s recently opened up about recording his first scene with Kelly Reilly. He’s also shared his experience with Kevin Costner.

“Since I was a kid I’ve been watching his movies,” Bingham said of his legendary co-star. “I remember my grandparents taking me to go watch Dances With Wolves, you know, and seeing Field of Dreams. All the different movies that he’s been in.”

“One thing about him is he’s just a genuinely kind…just a nice guy,” Bingham said of his time around Costner. “Like I know he doesn’t have time to talk to anybody. He’s got a busy schedule and everybody wants his attention. But one thing I appreciate about the guy is he always stops and says hi to everybody.”