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‘Yellowstone’ TV Star Ryan Bingham Said It’s ‘Difficult’ to Play His Songs on the Show: Here’s Why

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo by Anna Webber/WireImage)

As the cast of the hit Paramount Network series “Yellowstone” prepares for a brand new season, many are pausing for a moment of self-reflection.

Ryan Bingham, who plays the trouble-making ranch hand Walker on “Yellowstone,” is one of them. Since his arrival on the ranch, Walker has become a favorite amongst the show’s fans. With his slick charm and penchant for stirring the pot, Walker is trouble just waiting to happen. Through three seasons, Walker has avoided certain death on more than one occasion. He’s also picked the worst person on the ranch to have a beef with and that is Rip Wheeler. Still, the smooth-talking ranch always seems to be able to pull out all the stops at the last second. We expect much more of the same for Walker in the upcoming brand new season.

What some “Yellowstone” fans may not know is that Bingham is also a country music superstar. His music chops are often incorporated into his character as he can often be seen in the bunkhouse with a guitar in hand. Who can forget the scene where Rip and Lloyd discover that Walker isn’t dead as he plays a tune inside a local bar. Bingham’s musical abilities add yet another layer to his already wonderful “Yellowstone” character.

‘Yellowstone’ Star Talks Song Writing Process

In a 2019 interview, Bingham discusses his role on “Yellowstone” and how he combines his musical talents into Walker. He says it is difficult at times to sing his own songs on the show because of their personal meaning to him.

“Sometimes it can be a bit difficult because the songs are so personal to me,” he says in the candid piece. “So, to take that stuff and put it into a TV show and into the hands of this character puts me in a vulnerable state. I have to have a certain amount of trust with the show and with Taylor’s (Sheridan) writing and all of that to put it on the table.”

Bingham goes on to talk a little bit about the creative process he uses to write and perform his music. He compares the process to having a one-on-one conversation with another individual.

“I always think of writing songs and performing as like having a conversation with someone,” he says. “I don’t expect them to believe anything I don’t believe myself.”

Wise words from our favorite musically-inclined cowboy and “Yellowstone” ranch hand.

With season four rapidly approaching, “Yellowstone” fans are wondering what is in store for Walker. After participating in the murder of Wade Morrow to close out season three, he and Rip seem to be on good terms. It would surprise no one if that were to change in the upcoming seasons. The last we see of Walker in season three, Laramie is emerging from his bed. You have to think Lloyd is none too happy about this development, which means Rip is likely to be unhappy about it too.