‘Yellowstone’ Star Ryan Bingham Shares Acoustic Version of His ‘Hallelujah’: VIDEO

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

On Yellowstone, Ryan Bingham plays the mysterious ranchhand and former prisoner, Walker, who joins the rest of the bunkhouse on the Dutton’s ranch. In real life, though, Bingham is a talented singer-songwriter with a voice that feels like a shot of honey whiskey.

Despite his less-than-popular character among fans, Bingham still enjoys every moment that he gets to work on the Yellowstone set. Now that Season 4 of the show is finally complete, the country artist decided to gift fans of his music and the show with his unplugged version of a song used for one of the episodes. On Instagram, the singer-turned-actor posted a video of himself in usual Walker attire, blue jeans and a cowboy hat, while he sat with his back to roaring fire.

“Here’s an acoustic version of ‘Hallelujah’ that you may recognize from this past season of @yellowstone – thanks for listening and hope ya digs. #YellowstoneTV,” Bingham said of his casual performance.

Take a listen.

On the show, Bingham’s character will sometimes pull out his six-string and serenade the rest of the bunkhouse when they need a bit of music to punctuate particularly intense moments. And each time, the Yellowstone cast member amazes us with how naturally that gritty, cowboy tone comes to him.

Listen to Bingham’s performance in this scene of Yellowstone with Jimmy Hurdstrom (Jefferson White) and Rip Wheeler (Cole Hauser).

‘Yellowstone’ Ranchhands Don’t Get Along with Bingham’s Character

Walker and Jimmy Hurdstrom don’t have too different backstories on Yellowstone, but the major difference that separates the two is that throughout Hurdstrom’s time on the ranch, he’s earned the trust and respect of his co-workers. Both he and Walker had criminal backgrounds, and Rip Wheeler offered them a different road to take. While the two men agreed to accept the Yellowstone brand, Hurdstrom seemed to prove his loyalty.

Meanwhile, Walker found himself in a feud with beloved ranchhand and fan-favorite, Lloyd. Ever since Walker set foot on the ranch, Lloyd never had any interest in getting to know him. And the tension continued when Walker stole Lloyd’s love interest, Laramie, right from underneath his nose. Naturally, the two ended up in a brawl over the matter, the first of many.

Even though Wheeler stepped in to separate the fight, this didn’t keep Lloyd from attacking Walker. At one point, in Season 4, Lloyd even smashed his opponent’s guitar and stabbed him. And towards the end of the season, Wheeler permitted them to one final fight to get out their aggression toward each other.

Thankfully for Bingham, Walker lived to see another day on the Yellowstone ranch. But if Lloyd has any say in the matter, this won’t be for very long.